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1989-001-Authorizing The Town Manager To Enter Into An Agreement With Records Systems Associates Incorporated[Icon] 3 DEFAULT Clerks
1989-002-Establishing Compensation For The Elected And Non-Elected Duties Of The Town Clerk[Icon] 3 DEFAULT Clerks
1989-003-Denial Of Zone Change Application Requiring An Environmental Impact Report And Request Of Change In Zoning From R-1:8000 To R-1:8000 PD And Requesting Permission To Construct An 80 Room Senior Citizen Retirement Home[Icon] 2 DEFAULT Clerks
1989-004-Setting Temporary Employee Salaries For Fiscal Year 1988-89[Icon] 2 DEFAULT Clerks
1989-005-Initiating Proceedings For The Annexation Of Certain Uninhabited Territory Designated As La Rinconada #4 To The Town Of Los Gatos[Icon] 5 DEFAULT Clerks
1989-006-Parking Prohibition On The East Side Of Harwood Road Along The Westrly Property Line Of 13980 Blossom Hill Road[Icon] 1 DEFAULT Clerks
1989-007-Denial Of Request To Modify An Approval Granted To Change The Exterior Color Of A Single Family Residence[Icon] 3 DEFAULT Clerks
1989-008-Approving The Cost Sharing Agreement Between The Town And Earth Metrics, Inc. For The Study Of Traffic And Circulation For Roberts Road Closure[Icon] 1 DEFAULT Clerks
1989-009-Commending Robert Olson Of The Museum Commission[Icon] 1 DEFAULT Clerks
1989-010-Commending Barbara Jordan Of The Los Gatos Museum Commission[Icon] 1 DEFAULT Clerks
1989-011-Declaring Weeds A Public Nuisance And Providing For Their Abatement[Icon] 2 DEFAULT Clerks
1989-012-Approving The Annexation Of Certain Uninhabited Territory Designated As Englewood Avenue[Icon] 4 DEFAULT Clerks
1989-013-Commending The Crisis Line For The Handicapped On Their 10Th Anniversary[Icon] 1 DEFAULT Clerks
1989-014-Denying Appeal Of Planning Commission Approval Of A Two-Lot Subdivision Of Property In The R-1:8,000 Zone[Icon] 3 DEFAULT Clerks
1989-015-761 University Avenue-Approval Of Architecture And Site Application In The LM Zone And Modifying Said Approval[Icon] 5 DEFAULT Clerks
1989-016-Rescinding Resolution 1982-143-And Establishing A New False Alarm Service Charge[Icon] 1 DEFAULT Clerks
1989-017-Authorizing Agreement To Prepare A Comprehensive Assessment Of Impacts Of Alternative Access Roads To The Western California University Site[Icon] 14 DEFAULT Clerks
1989-018-Approving The Agreement With State Of California, Office Of Traffic Safety[Icon] 22 DEFAULT Clerks
1989-019-Rescinding Resolution No. 1988-233 And Approving Amendment Of Classification Plan For Fiscal Year 1988-89[Icon] 10 DEFAULT Clerks
1989-020-Approving The Cost sharing Agreement Between The Town And The County Of Santa Clara For The Study Of State Route 17 At Lexington Reservoir Interchange And Frontage Road[Icon] 1 DEFAULT Clerks
1989-021-Commending John S. Lien[Icon] 1 DEFAULT Clerks
1989-022-Denial Of Permission To Operate An Existing Restaurant And To Expand The Restaurant By Approximately 900 Square Feet On Property Within An Existing Shopping Center In The C-1 Zone[Icon] 3 DEFAULT Clerks
1989-023-Denial Of Certification Of An Environmental Impact Report And Permission To Operate A Super Drug Store Within The Existing Nob Hill Shopping Center And To Make Exterior Modifications To The Existing Center On Property In The C-1 Zone[Icon] 4 DEFAULT Clerks
1989-024-Authorizing The Purchase Of Right-Of-Way In Advance Of Revised Freeway Agreements For The Route 85/17 Freeway Interchange[Icon] 2 DEFAULT Clerks
1989-025-Authorizing Agreement To Prepare A Comprehensive Open Space Study For The Blossom Hill Area[Icon] 4 DEFAULT Clerks
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