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1975-129-Establishing The Ad Hoc Housing And Community Development Act Advisory Committee[Icon] 4 DEFAULT Clerks
1975-130-Parking Restrictions-Cherrystone Drive[Icon] 2 DEFAULT Clerks
1975-131-Approving The Annexation Of Certain Uninhabited Territory Designated As Oka Road No. 2 To The Town Of Los Gatos[Icon] 4 DEFAULT Clerks
1975-132-Designating A Four-Way Vehicular Stop At The Intersection Of Westhill Drive And Belgatos Road[Icon] 1 DEFAULT Clerks
1975-133-Loading Zone-North Santa Cruz Avenue[Icon] 2 DEFAULT Clerks
1975-134-The Town Council Of The Town Of Los Gatos Approving Specifications For Purchase Of Traffic Signs And Incidental Materials ‎(Project #SS-204)‎, And Directing The Town Clerk To Advertise For Bids[Icon] 2 DEFAULT Clerks
1975-135-Authorizing Senior Citizen Transportation Agreement[Icon] 5 DEFAULT Clerks
1975-136-Urging The Citizens To Inform Themselves On The Nuclear Safeguards Inititive[Icon] 1 DEFAULT Clerks
1975-137-Parking Restriction-Los Gatos Boulevard[Icon] 2 DEFAULT Clerks
1975-138-Concerning Blossom Hill Park Rules[Icon] 2 DEFAULT Clerks
1975-139-The Town Council Reviewing And Reserving A decision Of The Planning Commission Interpreting The Zoning Ordinance Of The Town[Icon] 1 DEFAULT Clerks
1975-140-The Town Council Of The Town Of Los Gatos Approving Bikeway Agreement With The County Of Santa Clara[Icon] 1 DEFAULT Clerks
1975-141-Approving Agreement With Los Gatos Museum Association[Icon] 3 DEFAULT Clerks
1975-142-Approving The Annexation Of Certain Unihabited Territory Designed As Pinehurst No. 1 To The Town Of Los Gatos[Icon] 5 DEFAULT Clerks
1975-143-Designating A Vehicular Stop At The Intersection Of Spreckles Avenue And Loma Alta Avenue[Icon] 1 DEFAULT Clerks
1975-144-Designating A Vehicular Stop At The Intersection Of Los Cerritos and Phillips Avenue[Icon] 1 DEFAULT Clerks
1975-145-Parking Prohibited Durning Certain Hours West Main Street[Icon] 2 DEFAULT Clerks
1975-146-Parking Restriction-Central Avenue[Icon] 2 DEFAULT Clerks
1975-147-Condemation Resolution For Land For City Street Purposes Within The Town Of Los Gatos, And Pursuant To Grant Of Extraterritorial Jurisdiction, For County Road Purposes In The County Of Santa Clara[Icon] 8 DEFAULT Clerks
1975-148-Preliminarily Adopting, Confirming And Approving Engineer;s Report Of Improvements In Assessment District No. 73-2 And Appointing Time And Place For Hearing Protests To Proposed Assessments[Icon] 5 DEFAULT Clerks
1975-149-Calling For Bids, Determining General Prevailing Rate Of Per Diem Wages And Providing For Liquidated Damages[Icon] 5 DEFAULT Clerks
1975-150-Authorizing The Santa Clara County Housing Authority To Act As The Desginated Agency For The Town Of Los Gatos To Apply For And Administer Section 8 Rental Housing Supplements Pursuant To The Housing And Community Development Act of 1974[Icon] 1 DEFAULT Clerks
1975-151-Authorizing Agreement With Los Gatos-Saratoga Symphony Society[Icon] 4 DEFAULT Clerks
1975-152-The Town Council Of The Town Of Los Gatos Concerning Santa Clara County Board Of Supervisors' Change Of Parks Acquisition And Development Policy[Icon] 3 DEFAULT Clerks
1975-153-Reversing A Decision Of The Architecture And Site Committee[Icon] 1 DEFAULT Clerks
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