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toWlN~ F <br />;. <br />1 °y~r!` MEETING DATE: 09/07/10 <br />~-~ti:~ s ITEM NO. <br />~S CASO <br />COUNCIL AGENDA REPORT <br />DATE:. AUGUST 26, 2010 <br />TO: MAYOR AND TOWN COUNCIL ~~ <br />FROM: GREG CARSON, TOWN MANAGER ~~~ (/ <br />SUBJECT: PPW JOB NO. 10-11 OAK MEADOW PARK ADA PATHWAY <br />IMPROVEMENT PROJECT <br />APPROVE PLANS AND SPECIFICATIONS FOR THE OAK MEADOW <br />PARK ADA PATHWAY IMPROVEMENT PROJECT AND AUTHORIZE <br />STAFF TO ADVERTISE THE PROJECT FOR BIDS <br />RECOMMENDATION: <br />Approve plans and specifications for the Oak Meadow Park ADA Pathway Improvement Project <br />and authorize staff to advertise the project for bids. <br />BACKGROUND: <br />Oak Meadow Park is the most highly utilized park in Los Gatos. Due to its location and wide <br />range of recreational opportunities, the park attracts many individuals and organized groups. <br />Park users are able to enjoy the many different amenities the park has to offer such as <br />playgrounds, picnic areas, and the Billy Jones Wildcat Railroad. In addition to these regularly <br />available activities, the park is also home to several significant annual events such as <br />`Shakespeare in the Park' and `Screen on the Green'. <br />There have been numerous improvement projects at Oak Meadow Park over the past several <br />years in an effort to enhance the park's aesthetics and improve its usability. These improvements <br />have included; construction of the bandstand stage, turf repair and renovation, remodel of the <br />restroom building, repairs to the sidewalks and parking lot, and renovation of the play elements <br />including the historic airplane. Even with all of these improvements, accessibility around the <br />turf area is an issue that has not been properly addressed. This is of particular concern for park <br />users that have physical disabilities or special needs. Providing functional and accessible <br />pathways around the park i=s®a~k°ey~element in e operation of the park facility. <br />~® ~c"~~ ~1~C1 <br />PREPARED BY: TODD CAPURSO <br />Director of Parks and Pub1i~,Works <br />Reviewed by: is~ 5J Assistant Town Mar <br />Clerk Administrator <br />Attorney <br />Community Development <br />