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.~pW N OF <br />X11 ?% <br />} --; ~~ <br />., ~, <br />tos -~A~os <br />DATE: <br />~I'O: <br />FRO\~I: <br />SL B,1EC-I_ <br />DISCliSSION: <br />COUNCIL AGE\rDA REPORT <br />August 12, 2010 <br />~1.-~~'OR AND TO~~~~N COUNCIL <br />MEETING D ATE: 08/16/10 <br />ITEM NO. <br />:~DDENDUI'I <br />GREG CARSON. TO~~-'N MANAGER J CiG'I ~-C`I~~ l~1 <br />`i <br />CONSIDER AN APPEAL OF A PLANT 'LNG COMMISSIO\~ DECISION <br />DENTING A REQUEST TO DEMOLISH ASINGLE-FAMILY RESIDENCE, <br />TO SUBDIVIDE A .9 ~ ACRE PARCEL INTO THREE LOTS AND TO <br />CONSTRUCT T«%O NE«' RESIDENCES ONr PROPERTY' ZONED R-1:8. NO <br />SIGNIFICANT ENVIRONMENTAL. IMPACTS HAVE BEENT IDENTIFIED AS <br />A RESULT OF TI-IIS PROJECT AND A MITIGATED NEGATIVE <br />DECLARATION IS RECOMMENDED. APN X27-42-008. ARCHITECTURE <br />AND SITE APPLICATIONS 5-08-30. S-09-33. ANTD 5-09-34: SL"BDNISION <br />APPLICATIOI I M-08-13; NEGATIVE DECLARATION ND-09-2. PROPERTY <br />LOCATION: 1928 UNION AVENUE. PROPERTY 0~~~~NER: 217 <br />O'CONNOR LLC. APPLICAI~IT/APPELLANT: TONY JEANS. <br />Exhibits 17 tlu-ough 20 are letters from neighbors that \yere recci~•cd follo\\•ina distribution of tale <br />staff report. y <br />Attachments: <br />1-16. Previously reeeiyed (attached to staff report) <br />17. Letter from Geoff ~~Iitchell vyith attaclmlents (7 pages total). received August 10. 2010 <br />18. Letter and exhibits fi-onI Thomas Mangano (=I pages total). rcceiv°ed August 10. 2010 <br />19. Email Ii-om Tom \%Iangano; received August ] 0. 2010 <br />20. Letter from Jolm Schwarz with attaclunent (8 pages total), received August 12, X010 <br />D1St]'lbllt1011: <br />cc: Jeff Grant. 39 Reservoir Road, Los Gatos. CA 9030 <br />TonvJeans. T.H.I.S DesiQ1l. P.O. Box 118. Los Gatos. CA 9~0~1 <br />~~'1ZIZ:SD:ah ~ <br />PREPARL-D BY: ~~~~'endie R. Rooney, Director of Conmlunity Development <br />Reyie\yed by: ~' ~, Assistant Town 1\lanager \yn Atton)ey Clerk Finance <br />~ColIIlIIl1171ty DeyelOpnlellt Revised: 5 1~ ]0 -1:19 Plq <br />\: UL==\' S~"Z_~\1E CouncilReporuFnd. to TC'.appeals~.L`nion1~92S-081610-Add.doc <br />Refonnatred: ~r30'02 <br />