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owrr of :~IEETI\G ll~'I'E: 08/16/10 <br />;_ ~^ ;~:~;<~ COL-\CIL .-AGE\ll.-~ REPORT <br />~QS GAS~~ <br />u;1TE: _an~ust ~. col o <br />TO: \I_IYOR .-1NI) T01\~\ COli\CIL <br />IRO\I: GRLG 1..-1RS0\. T011 \ \1:1~=1C7T~~~.~.~~ <br />SUBJECT: CONSIDER _~~ APPEAL OF A PL_~NTNING C0~1~11SSI0\~ DECISION <br />DE\TYING 1 REQUEST TO DE\~IOLISH ~ S1NGLE-FA'~~1IL~' RESIDENCE. <br />~hO SUBDI\~1DE A .93 .ACRE PARCEL I\TO TIIREE LO1S .-1\ll TO <br />CONSTRUC~1~ T\V'O NE\\~ RESIDL-NCL-S O\ PROPERTZ' ZONED R-1:8. NO <br />SIGNIFIC~NTEN\~'IRO\\~IENT~L IMPACTS H.~~~'E BEE\~ IDLNTIFIL-D AS <br />a RESULT OF TIIIS PROJECT AND A >\IITIG:~TED NEGATI~~ E <br />DECL.~IRITION 1S P.ECO\LltI=NDL-D. :1PN ~?7--I?-OOS. .~RCIIITECTL'RE <br />AND SITE .-1PPI_IC:1"f~IO~S S-U~-~O. 5-09-~~ R 5-09-~~: SL-BDI~'ISIO_\ <br />:1PPLICA 1-ION \1-Ub-1 : A1:G.-1~h1V'E llECL:1R.ITION\I)-09-~. PROi'ERTZ' <br />LOCATIO\: 1928 t \10\ :1~~E\'t'E. PROP}IZ 1-~' O\\"NEP~: ? 17 <br />O`CO\NOR I.LC.:1PPLIC_1\T'_~PPELI__-1\"f: ~I-O\~1` JE.1\S. <br />RECO>\I\IEND:1~110\: <br />1. Open and hold the public hearing and recci~ z public testimom . <br />2. Cli~se the public hearing. <br />~. Uphold the Plannin~~ Commission's decision to den~~ _-1]-chitectur~ and Site applications S-08- <br />~~_ S-09-3 ~ and 5-09-3~ and Subdi~~ision application ~1-08-13 (motion required). <br />-}. Adopt the resolution (Attachment 1) finalizing denial of the appeal and applications (motion <br />required). <br />If the To~~~n Council determines that the Plannin~~ Conllnission's decision should be re~-ersed or <br />modified relative to the appeal: <br />The Council needs to find one or more of the follo~~in~,: <br />(a) \\"hers there ~~ as error i)r abuse of discretion on the part of the Planning Commission; <br />or <br />PP.FPARI.D B1": AO~endie R. Rooney. Director of C OIIlllllllllty~ De~~elopment <br />~~ . <br />Rey ie~~-ed b~ : i ~ ~ .-lssistant To~ti-n \ lana~~er Toil n _lttorne~ Clerl: Finance <br />C0117111L11]It~ De\'elOplIlent I<ec>>cd S 6 10 1'_'11 P\i <br />' `~~ <br />Reformatted: ~ ~U 0~ <br />