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<br />Town of Los Gatos Planning Commission <br />110 East Main Street <br />Los Gatos, CA 45032 <br />john Schwazz <br />104 Panorama Way <br />Los Gatos, CA 95032 <br />(408)623-1595 <br />May 27, 2010 <br />~~~~d~~~ <br />MAl' 2 7 2010 <br />TOWN OF LOS GATOS <br />PLANNING DIVISION <br />RE: RECONSIDERATION OF THE 15928 UNION AVENUE <br />SUBDIVISION PROJECT <br />Application #M-08-04 and ND-09-02 <br />Deaz Members of the Town Planning Commission: <br />Thank you for your time in reviewing dus proposed Subdivision (again} and for considering my <br />input. I also want to thank Staff for their time and patience with this matter. As you know, there <br />has been much prior correspondence on this project, and with that in mind, I would like to briefly <br />summarize and provide some additional thoughts on the following main points: <br />l) The revised Subdivision design is still not compatible with adjacent uses; <br />2} The same Subdivision Map Act Findings apply to this incarnation of the project, and <br />3) The project has been segmented and the CEQA documentation is not adequate. <br />1 would like to hereby incorporate by reference, the comments that I and my neighbors have <br />made in prior correspondence and testimony on this project. <br />1. Revised Subdivision Still Not Compatible with Adjacent Uses <br />There has been much testimony at the prior hearings regazding the fact that the 15928 Union <br />Avenue pazcel mirrors the original pazcels immediately to the north, and that the proposed three- <br />lot Subdivision is not compatible with the adjacent uses which make up the true "neighborhood" <br />for this site. Although the "flag lot" line from the prior Subdivision has been redrawn slightly, <br />the "new" Subdivision layout is still very similar to the grior incamation, and for the same <br />reasons outlined previously, the intensity of the proposed development it is not compatible with <br />the neighborhood. <br />2. Subdivision Map Act Findings <br />The applicant has indicated that the Town cannot make any of the negative findings in the <br />Subdivision Map Ack, and therefore, cannot deny the proposed Subdivision. This is simply not <br />true. Section 66474 (Chapter 4. Requirements, Article 1. General) of the Subdivision Map Act <br />specifically states that: <br />ffiIBIT 18 <br />