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T.H.I.S. <br />DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT <br />Box 1518, Los Gatos, CA 95031 <br />Fnx: 408.354.1823 Tel: 408.354.1863 <br />110 E. Main Street <br />Los Gatos, CA 95032 <br />Attn: Planning Commission <br />3 Lot Subdivision at 15928 Union Ave <br />And Z New Homes on Panorama Way. <br />THE SUBDIVISION APPLICATION <br />May 20th, 2010 <br />History of this Project. <br />The developer initially requested a 4 lot subdivision at this location over 2 years ago and was <br />denied. A subsequent application fora 3 lot subdivision was denied by the Planning Commission - <br />primarily because the proposed lot configuration resembled too closely a'fing lot' on Panorama <br />and was not compatible with the surrounding neighborhood. <br />The Town Council affirmed this denial and the project was remanded back to the Planning <br />Commission for further deliberation based on o proposal by the developer to consider <br />alternatives which would incorporate more conventional lot configurations for n cul-de-sac. <br />The first Exhibit shows this "Original 3 Lot Application" which was rejected, together with nn <br />"Orthogonal Configuration" for the 2 Panorama Lots. The latter we also considered briefly, but <br />decided not to pursue, because we feel that there are better alternatives. It is included here <br />for the Planning Commission to review some of the other options that we have analyzed in <br />preparation for the proposed subdivision for this site. <br />Subdivision Design. <br />In light of the history of this project, we are now proposing n 3 Lot subdivision design that <br />includes for Panorama a Cul-de-Sac that is entirely consistent with the termination of other <br />'dead-end' streets in Los Gatos, Based on a "pie" cul-de-sac configuration the 2 Lots proposed at <br />Panorama radiate around the turnaround circle in a conventional manner. We have, however, <br />included two variations for the commission to review: One is a Standard Pie [TM1] and the other <br />is a Modified Pie [TM2]. <br />WE ARE REQUESTING APPROVAL OF TM2, but have shown TM1 as it is more conventional and <br />we would be prepared to accept it as an alternative. In both versions, the HOUSES ARE <br />IDENTICAL IN ALL RESPECTS and the FARs for both of the Ad~S applications have been <br />reduced so as to be consistent with either of the lot configurations. In TM2, all that changes is <br />the street frontage [Larger for Parcel 2], the rear yard [more useable for Parcel 3] and the <br />rear Property Line [more considerate of neighbor views]. <br />A third lot is still proposed at Union Ave, but we have no plans to build on this lot until the 2 <br />lots nt Panorama are nearing completion. <br />ffiIBIT 11 <br />