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Land Use: <br />Page LU-16 -Bullet 3 under J: Discussion on whether we want to be locked into that specific <br />development pattern. <br />Page LU-22 -Action LU-1.1 and 1.2: Discussion on these two proposed studies. <br />Page LU-23 -Goal LU-3: Proposed wording modification - "To provide for well-planned, <br />careful growth •-~~*'~~-~ *'~~'~~~~~ ^~that respects the Town's existing character and <br />infrastructure." <br />Page LU-23 and LU 27 -Policy LU-3.2 and 6.2, 6.3, etc. -Discussion on "community <br />benefit" <br />Page LU-24 - PLU-3.4: Discussion regarding Corridor Lots. <br />Page LU-24 - ALU-4.1: Discussion on whether we need to study this given our current public <br />participation practices. <br />Page LU-27 -Action LU-5.3: Should the properties be residential or commercial on <br />Winchester bet•veen Shelburne and Pleasant View? <br />Page LU-28 -Policy LU-7.4: Where is this intended to be implemented? <br />Page LU-33 -Policy LU-10.8: Should "Mitchell" be replaced with "Roberts or Shannon?" <br />Page LU-33 -Policy LU-10.9: Should we include a southern boundary for commercial? <br />Potentially Roberts or Shannon? <br />Community Design: <br />Page CD-S -PCD-5.1: Should this Policy be removed? <br />Page CD-9 -Policy CD-6.3: Discussion on basements and cellars. <br />Page CD-13 -PCD-10.2: Should "Allow" be replaced with "Encourage" and should only be <br />striken from the first sentence? <br />Page CD-24 -Action CD-14.2: Discussion on downzoning hillside properties. <br />Page CD-25 -PCD-15.3: Discussion on this Policy. <br />Page CD-26 -Policy 15.8: Could the way this is written be interpreted as no development on or <br />near hillsides? Should it reference the hillside guidelines? <br />Page CD-27 -Policy CD-16.3: Discussion on views. <br />Attachment 1 <br />