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Attachment 7 -Focus Area Goals <br />Summary of the Environment and Sustainability Goals: <br />The draft 2020 Environment and Sustainability Element contains the follow Goals: <br />• Native plants and plant communities <br />• Wetlands and riparian corridors <br />• Wildlife populations <br />• Air resources and air quality <br />• Sustainable community <br />• Greenhouse gas emissions <br />• Zero-waste Town <br />• Renewable resources <br />• Green building <br />® Balanced, economically stable community with environmental goals (Land Use) <br />• Alternative modes of transportation (Transportation) <br />The draft Land Use Element contains the following Environment and Sustainability Goals: <br />• Coordination with surrounding communities <br />• WeII-planned, careful growth <br />• Public participation in planning <br />• Existing character and sense of place <br />• Infill development <br />• Downtown Los Gatos as the historic center <br />• Adequate commercial and industrial services <br />• Coordinated and comprehensive development of North Forty area <br />• Mix of land uses on Los Gatos Boulevard <br />• Appropriate, compatible development along Los Gatos Boulevard <br />• Enforcing adopted land use regulations <br />The draft Community Design Element contains the following Environment and Sustainability <br />Goals: <br />• Small town character and quality of life <br />• Limiting intensity of development <br />• High quality landscaping and streetscapes <br />• Built environment promoting safety <br />• Residential-neighborhoods <br />• Private open space <br />• Enhanced commercial areas <br />• Character and quality of Downtown <br />• Significant historic and architectural features <br />• Rehabilitation and reuse of historic buildings <br />Attachment 7 <br />