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t y __ <br />- _ I- <br />:F C <br />& ~ ! <br />5 <br />.4n <br />t 4" _ ~' Stt d. , y . <br />~ 666 <br />~~ <br />CS CQVER SHEET <br />Aa1 NEW SITE PLAN, ORIGINAL <br />A-1a NEW SITE PLAN, ALTERNATE A <br />A-1b NEW SITE PLAN, ALTERNATE P <br />A-2 PROPOSED FLOOR PLANS <br />A®3 EXTERIOR ELEVATIONS <br />A®4 H®USE TYPE C, NEW VICTORIAN, <br /> CONCERTUAL DESIGN <br />A-5 H®USE TYPE D, FIESTA HOUSE, <br /> CONCEPTUAL DESIGN <br />A°C STREET SCAPE <br />~ GRADING ~ DRAINAGE CODER SHEET <br />2 TENTATIVE MAP <br />C-1 UTILITY PLoAN <br />C-P GRADING ~ DRAINAGE PLAN <br />C-~ SECTIONS <br />C-4 sTIJRMWATER MANAGEMENT PLAN <br />L-1.1 PLANTING PLAN <br />LR1,3 TREE INVENTORY PLAN <br />L®2.0 LANDSCAPE C®NSTRUCTION DES°AILS <br />L-2,1 LANDSCAPE CONSTRUCTION DETAILS <br />~AfJpAP~ <br />REED A55©CIATES. <br />Paul Reed <br />477 5. Taffe Ave. <br />Sunnyvale, CA, 94086 <br />408.481,9020 <br />p <br />~~~ <br />SCOPE OF 1NORK; <br />9 SINGLE FAMILY RESIDENCES <br />Project Info <br />Owner; LANDMARK DEVELOPMENT <br />APN; 529.14.012, 529-14-067, 529-16-073 <br />Existing Zoning; RM~5-12;PD <br />ProposedZoning~ R-1,a,PD <br />Site Area 3,06 AC, (133,293;6 S.F.) <br />~.~; <br />NU!l ~ 4 2009 <br />~~ ~ <br />CIVIL ENGINEERING <br />ASSOCIATES INC.. <br />2580 N. FIST ST, SIUTE 290 <br />San Jose, CA. 95137. <br />408.435,1075 <br />~~°aWN a~ Losc~ATas <br />PLANNING f~IV1510N <br />~~-07- l`~?, <br />6 R <br />Paragon besign Group, Inc. <br />Rodger W, Griffin, FAIBb <br />405 Alberto Way, Suife #C <br />Los Gatos, CA. 95032 <br />408.358,3707 <br />D I ,I C <br />- - r i -- <br />_ _ L Q tos C X86 <br />oK of i ~a <br />.. id r~ma~,.,o,.,.P <br />~~rc~N~TV MAp <br />