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°~"" °'~. TOE OF LOS GATOS ITEM NO: 5 <br />.. .,. PLAIiIl~II~1G C®IVIIVIISSI®1`t STAFF REP®RT <br />tos•~A.~°s li!Ieeting Date: ~I®verraber 18, 2009 <br />PREPARED BY: Sandy L. Baily, AICP <br />Acting Assistant Community Development Director <br />sbaily@losgatosca. gov <br />APPLICATION NO.: Ordinance No.2081 and 2122 <br />General Plan Amendment GP-07-001 <br />Planned Development PD-07-142 <br />Negative Declaration ND-07-143 <br />LOCATION: 517 and 615 Blossom Hill Road and Placer Oaks Road for the <br />rescinding application request. Placer Oaks Road for the new <br />application request. <br />APPLICANT: Cupertino Development Corporation <br />PROPERTY OWNERS: Greenleaf Associates LLC, Dunn Properties, LP, Cupertino <br />Development Corporation <br />APPLICATION SUMMARY: Requesting approval to rescind Planned Development Ordinances <br />2081 and 2122 to construct 49 apartment units. APNS: 529-16- <br />042, 026, 073, 529-14-012 and 067. <br />Requesting approval of a General Plan Amendment to change the <br />land use designation from Medium Density Residential to Low <br />Density Residential and approval of a Planned Development to <br />change the zone from RM:S-12:PD to R-1;8: PD to construct nine <br />single family houses. No significant environmental impacts have <br />been identified as a result of this project, and a Mitigated Negative <br />Declaration is recommended. APNS 529-16-073, 529-14-012 and <br />067. <br />DEEMED COMPLETE: September 5, 2009 <br />FINAL .DATE TO TAKE ACTION: General Plan and rezoning <br />_. . <br />applications are considered to be legislative acts grid are therefore <br />not governed by the Permit Streamlining Act. <br />RECOMMENDATION: 1. Provide a recommendation for a strong approval to Town Council <br />regarding rescinding Planned Development Ordinances 2081 and <br />2122. <br />~. ... ~ <br />