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pow w o,~ MEETING DATE: 04/5/10 <br />;~° ITEM NO: <br />~o`' ~~•os COUNCIL/AGENCY AGENDA REPORT <br />S G A"~ <br />DATE: MARCH 22, 2010 <br />TO: MAYOR AND TOWN COUNCIL/ <br />CHAIR AND MEMBERS OF THE REDEVELOPMENT AGENCY <br />l ~~_ <br />FROM: GREG CARSON, TOWN MANAGER/EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR~,,G~"' <br />SUBJECT: PPW JOB NO. 09-06 -LOS GATOS LIBRARY PROJECT 411-821-2104 and <br />411-281-2501 <br />ADOPT RESOLUTION AUTHORIZING THE TOWN MANAGER/EXECUTIVE <br />DIRECTOR TO EXECUTE A PROFESSIONAL DESIGN AND <br />CONSTRUCTION AGREEMENT WITH VERIZON TELEPHONE COMPANY <br />FOR RELOCATION OF AERIAL AND UNDERGROUNG CABLES RELATED <br />TO THE NEW LOS GATOS LIBRARY IN AN AMOUNT NOT TO EXCEED <br />$102,977. <br />RECOMMENDATION: <br />Adopt resolution (Attachment 1) authorizing the Town Manager/Executive Director to execute a <br />professional design and construction agreement (Exhibit A) with Verizon Telephone Company <br />for relocation of aerial and underground cables related to the new Los Gatos Library in an <br />amount not to exceed $102,977. <br />BACKGROUND: <br />The construction of the new Los Gatos Library is scheduled to start in July 2010. The design <br />work for this project was completed in March 2010 and the project is currently advertised. <br />tluough the Town's formal bidding process. The new Los Gatos Library site has no existing <br />utility service connections. Additionally, the construction of the new Library will require <br />relocation of a number of utility facilities to accommodate the new building. Staff has been <br />working with various utility companies to design and provide services to the new Library. <br />.~., <br />-~---.° <br />PREPARED BY: TODD CAPURSO <br />Director of Parlcs and Public Worlcs <br />Reviewed by: ssistant Town Manager/Deputy Director <br />own Attorney/General Counsel Clerlc Administrator/Secretary <br />Finance Community Development <br />N:\PPW\MANAGEMENT\COUNCIL\COUNCIL REPORTS\2010 Reports\April 5\ o..>~.~.. <br />