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.~pW N p~. . <br />t~ , . ` <br />!ps G~A~pS COUNCIL AGENDA REPORT <br />DATE: February 25, 2010 <br />MEETING DATE: 3/01/10 <br />ITEM NO: <br />_ ~~ <br />T0: MAYOR AND TOWN COUNCIL <br />FROM: GREG CARSON, TOWN MANAGER <br />SUBJECT: CONSIDER AN APPEAL OF A PLANNING COMMISSION DECISION <br />APPROVING A REQUEST TO OPPERATE A PERSONAL SERVICE <br />BUSINESS (SALON) ON PROPERTY ZONED C-2:LHP. APN 529-O1-01.8. <br />CONDITIONAL USE PERMIT U-09-025. PROPERTY LOCATION: 23 W. <br />MAIN STREET. PROPERTY OWNER: DAVE FLICK. <br />APPLICANT/APPELLANT: RENE CHADSEY. <br />RECOMMENDATION: <br />1. Open and Bold the public hearing and receive public testimony, <br />2. .Close the public hearing. . <br />3. Uphold the Planning Commission's decision approving Conditional Use Permit <br />Application U-09-025 (motion required). <br />4. Refer to the Town Attorney for the preparation of the appropriate resolution (no motion <br />required). <br />If the Town Council determines that the Planning Commission's decision should be reversed or <br />modified: <br />1. The Council needs to find one or more of the following: <br />(a) Where there was error. or abuse of discretion on the part of the Plamling <br />Conunission; or <br />(b) The new information that was submitted to the Council during the appeal process <br />was not readily and reasonably available for submission to the Commission; or <br />(c) An issue or policy over which the Commission did not have discretion to modify <br />or address, but which is vested in the Council for modification or decision. <br />2. Refer to the Town Attorney for .preparation of the appropriate resolution(s) (no motion <br />required). <br />PREPARED BY: Wendie R. Rooney, Director of Community Development <br />Reviewed by: Assistant Town Manager <br />Clerk Administrator Finance .~i' <br />'own Attorney <br />Community Development <br />N:\DEV\CNCLRPTS~2010123 W Main-appeal.doc Reformatted: 5/30/02 <br />