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0111)INANC E MO. <br />AN ORDINANCE APP,, O r r THE A!,- E` TT 0~ C '.'AI-, <br />UNINHABITED -01.~..Y~~U T r.T ~lrED "LA -K TF,' <br />T.~R~_ H , D.. ti,_.. i~ AZ_ ~,t~ <br />'7 Q <br />y n 7 <br />T',,IC Apv1`T-~'K_AjI`T~,0T~Tn • TO T.~ r^ 'C1 + C- LC S G!l- <br />,C <br />THE TOWN COUNCTI., C) ' `T-? yQ~1': 0- LOS GAT )S DOES 0' iii <br />AS FOLLOWS: <br />WH HEAS on the 1st day of June, 1959, the Council of the <br />Town of Los Gatos did pass and adopt a. Resolution giving notice <br />of the proposal to annex certain uninhabited territory to the <br />Town o n Los 'Gatos, said territory being therein designated as <br />"La rls Avenue 1, umber Two Annexation, 11 a. Id said action being ta'.'.eYi <br />by the Council of said. Town as the legislative bod,-,t of the Town <br />pursuant to a written. petition therefore, said Resolution describing <br />the bouad., vies of the territory so proposed to be annexed to said <br />Town; and <br />TJ1HEH_'-,'AS, said Resolution did contain a notice of the day, <br />'Hour and place when and where the said Council of said. Town would <br />hear orotests :jade by any person owning real property within the <br />territory proposed to be annexed, the time of said hearing being <br />not less than twenty no more than sixty days from the date of <br />the passage of said Resolution; and <br />~'7H"~Fi?V,..AS, on the 6th day of July, ' 95g, at the hourr° of 8:00 o'clock <br />p.m. in the Los Gatos Town Council Chambers in the Town Hall of the <br />Town of Los Gatos, County of Santa Clara, State of California, said <br />time a.--d place being the day, hour and place fixed in said. Resolution <br />for hearing protests "to said ann.exa.tion, tfie said Clo-ulcil of said <br />Town did hear and mass unon all protests made to said -or oinosed <br />annexation and d4d determine that no protests to said proposed annexation <br />have been made by or on behalf of the owners of one-half of the value <br />of the territory proposed to be annexed as shown by the last equalized <br />roll, nor by public and. private o,,,iners of equal to one-half of the <br />J-D a7 <br />