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OP DI I`TAIa CE 1~ 0 . - , <br />A- ORDII AND"DE APFROVI iG THE A.Ni'EXA°TION OF <br />~~R~ U.:-._,H4L3_ TED TER-RITORY, DESIGNATED <br />'t!`MD-E'vVOOD NUIL'=ER O ;E A. ,,T- V' TO THE <br />TOVE OF 'LOS GwA'20S. <br />rI' Z a "~~,~r Var~l'~,,V IL OF THE E i"17 ~.7 f T-T <br />,I, l 6"iO21-T Or LOS GA".`OS DOE ORDAIII <br />AS FOLLO," S: <br />'D ER SAS, there has heretofore been filed with the <br />3oundary Co-amissien of tae County of Santa Clare., Stake of <br />California a written description of tlae proposal for tae <br />annexation of territory -co the 'Iloimn of Los GaTos of als <br />teat territory malcia is hereinafter described; and <br />said Council lias received evidence :~_za~n - <br />tY7at, anc finds that, said v'.L'it-en description Of its <br />+orO Dosed annexation atiOn so filedd zriLh said, 'oundary I-Jo fission <br />has. been acted Upon by said 3OUnCary COalriissiOn 2"1.d that <br />said 'boundary Cornmission has prepared, or caused to be <br />prepared, a report upon said annexatiOn props .l, all as <br />required by law, and that said 3oundary Coruraission as <br />a oroved t-he boundaries of said -oro-posed ar-vexation; a21C <br />' -P. JAS, this Council Iae fi furt_aer received evidence <br />show-'M-G, and as found end again finds; <br />(l.) _°_~`iat said territory is situated imediateiy <br />adjacent to and touc'aes and is conti ?ous to the boundaries <br />of the Tom- Of Los Gatos; and <br />(2.) That less tu-han tr,,elve (12) registered voters <br />re side6. wit'ain said territory at tr e ti.nie of institution <br />of tae Pu exation proceedings by said Council on its oi:m <br />'no"- ion, and that said territory is therefore uni.nha b i ted3 <br />That Consent mo Ana Petition 7or <br />by Owners of at leazz 195 o rJf the land in t1ae Sc.'iC? VCrritory <br />,)roi3oced t0 Je annexed to the '.iO?,,n of TLOS c SOS, Oy area, <br />a a~~e of cZjeS O <br />