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1\110. ,1.09 17 <br />.ilk C~'_~ \ zip A i'~ia~i, FL LIMI..LVJ il'. 11-ta+ ~J:...+ XAI L?l~u OF <br />BTT,T1q{{\TIaBT z• .CJ r E-R, IT J l1I_.,. C DESI1.;''fD "T' S`Jw1,~~ H ^~~;~i-s <br />~A~ w1~+--I ~ L.Lit .1.J...S 1.~1. l~il'.d. _b 11) A. <br />,11T'7, 'r T` "ti ; It Rii-1 r~1 i\t '.a +.3s~J ill 0 <br />AY l:l Vi is liiu1~.t i ~1 }.~~r .tli till, i.. I AI" 1 LJ J <br />L 1Oi OF LOS G-A C D: ri:S 1;'L <br />'d l" COUI'mCI ilr^ <br />F ti aYd <br />on the 5th day of September, 19502 the Council of <br />t' e Toi",n of Los Gatos did pass and adopt a Resolution giving not- ce <br />of the proposal to annex certain uninhabited territory to the Toi,,rA of <br />:uos Gatos, said territory being therein designated as I'VASONTty uElG i"s'S <br />and said action being taken by the Council of <br />said Town as the legislative body of the Tow pursuant to a written <br />petition therefor, said Resolution describing the boundaries of the <br />territory so proposed to be annexed to said Toxm; and <br />sa-d HesQl~ t-Lon did contain a. notice of the day, <br />hour and place when and wil-iere the said Council of said 1"ciVII would hear <br />protests made by any person fJ :,ning real property within. the territor -r <br />proposed to be annexed, the time of said nearing being not less than <br />forty nor more than sixty days from the date of the passage of said <br />'_He soluti on; and <br />rHE T_; AS the 22nd day of October 956, at the our of <br />ii,T . ' '~''v%Tn <br />7:309 Qlc oc'~ pmrtle, it the :~•os uatos `Q°Y~-n ✓1 I.~ouncil Cham1bers in the Tc <br />gall of the TQiA:n of Los Gatos, County of Santa Clara, State of <br />Ca! _ornla, said time and place being the day, hour and place fixed in <br />all -4 1 <br />said ?esolutioii for hear*hg protests to the said a~ nex ~~o'ri, t he s ai d <br />CQUncil of said Town did hear and pass upon all protests made to said <br />i l,L i•.J.4o- <br />dA,.i~l"!e.c:xciv.a:tl ]_0 tJ, r,a g. c p. QJeSt L s LQ s <br />ry7 ba~, ^ <br />1•~ r : aid did determine =s..'., : <br />rcosed annexation have been made by or on behalf of the o-^rners of one- <br />half of the value of the territ-ory° r). oposed to be annexed as shown by <br />the lest ecualiued assessment- roll, nor by public an private o er_s of <br />,N 1'n " of v y p _ , C A be annexed <br />eq al to one-half file value of ta'lc' ''"3"ttrJr j proposed iv <br />as determined by' said legislative body; and <br />Page / of a~aueS' <br />