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!I ;W <br />a <br />'jC.c~ <br />~l <br />T.i` i .l - I,,~ nr~ n El r <br />ti Li'. _ .,1`•. :J k.JC <br />III >'r--•r :;i ~ <br />L~l y1 i ~1l~U 1 i L';LLJ ~iLT ar 'L' 'Jr 781, 5 ?z.T,..l.I <br />2..1;yv 1L.-i,t ._0 tt 1 1:i a 0"41" <br />G QiF LOS r'_.S 0,5 <br />it 'PUT7 <br />•1 k r L iJ.b_ ~i av : i vfi _5~~ W S ` ,T•_7, S <br />. i <br />aL r AS, cn the 5th day of September, 561 the Council of <br />Lade ~ Qa"II3 'C~`:~ cos -atos did pass and adn_,c « r•.es -`'L~i,~.;- ri il+ t <br />6 a Quax ~ ~r_Q no r.Jice o" <br />m o f <br />;,he proposal to annex certain L.Lal -a a -p ~ - er, y y, r .I q t. 3.1e Ury :~.S V <br />.L ~.+,lL'' .)L t edi :J . 1 itoi V V <br />1Q.5 Caton, said territory ,oeL?g therein desicnated as 11BLOrS ,a t1T~4~ <br />and sc'.•1id action f,J.e.-`i.X7 , take..: by y the L ry r^L1 ~X1 (°:..7. of sue. 1d <br />cwn as the legs s".ative body of the own y ur :laPt to a x^:p°itten petit' C? <br />therefor, said Resol,", ion Cescrib7..'1.o the boundaries of the territory <br />so proposed to be annexed to said and <br />ti :'.L l..w_.,' ws al °.t {entice. 'Ji tio ii,x' e'er'. •r'1. ntci ui. a notice of the da-~ , <br />hour and place when and where the ~.,sca.:.•a;~ ' ~ a^ ~i..i? said 1 nQ '.,o , .j :,e <br />I~C~J.L....._.. _U'3 T1~~..J.~+..+. iac?:t' <br />protests made by any person 0WIr ing real property with-in the ;,•e territory <br />proposed to be annexed, the time of sai. hearing being not less than <br />zorty nor more than sixty days from the date of the passace of said <br />:Resolution; and <br />rTr':v, on the 22nd day of, October, 1956, -at the hour Qf <br />7:30 o?c'lock- p.m., in t ae 'os Gatos Tow 'ouncil Char bees in the '01,M <br />Hall of the Town o_- Los ':atos, County of Santa C. ara, State of <br />California, sa.-LCI i„ .mime and place being the day, hour and p? ace in <br />said Resolution for 'flea-ringprotests to ~x e said annexa - onr the said <br />I-D <br />"Jt~. a hear '1 -s- C pv~. i st 7 r •y to said <br />of `~~id '~'QL.~Ii did and pass "i,_t1.~. o ~.lav.LQ~e~S "2.,..... t, ~tw <br />V r. <br />proposed annexation and did determine that no protests to sai i pro- <br />posed annexation have been ruade by or on 'aehalf of the ovmners of ore- <br />half of t he value of the terr.Ltcay proposed to be annexed as s doT~r by <br />the last equalized assess eInt roll s nor by public and "va.te ' o.^i s <br />Y: i1E?r.. <br />of equal to one-h~'.~f of te value of the terrItory proposed to be <br />annexed asz determnined by said legislative body; and <br />gage of ~ages <br />