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QRDI'MAXICE BO, 2,;Z <br />AN QRD1EUNCE AME.11DING ORDINANCE !!uO.~TT 1YYI 3 L <br />9~-5~ T T <br />E2`2TIT } "A ORDINANCE IMPOSING St'U1YSts <br />1•ICE NTH B.S IN THE Mi OF LOS GA.TOS AIM PRO- <br />VIDING FOR THE COLUCTION OF T SAME AM <br />PPaSCRI:BIITG PENALTIES 'OR TTHE VIOLATION <br />T1B'ERE.QF", PASSED AM ADOPTED ON THE 27th <br />PAY OF NO TMOER, 1922 AS MIEM D BY OR- <br />DINAU N0.201 EI I .IM9 9 AN QRDINANC <br />AIMIUM 13vG ORDINA1'CE. NQ.195 .F;NTIiIED 'AN <br />QRI)II7ANCE IMPOSING MUNIICIPAE LI URS IN <br />THE TOWN OF LOS GA.TO S ARD PROVIDING FOR <br />THE COLLECTION OF THE. SAKE AIRD PRESCRIB- <br />ING PENALTIES FOR Thy VIOL TIOIT THEREOF, <br />, <br />PASSED AND ADOPTED O THE 27th DAY OF NQ- <br />VMMER, 1922'*, PASSED Aim ADOPT ON' THE <br />19th DAY OF X07M- F,R, 19-23e. <br />The Town Council of the Torn of Los Gatos do ordain as <br />fo 11o~s <br />SECTION 1 That Section. 24 of Ordinance. No. 195 entitled <br />"An. Ordinance. Imposing Municipal Licenses in the Town of Dos <br />Gatos, and Providing for the Collection of the Same and Pre- <br />scribing. Penalties for the Violation Thereof,R passed and <br />adopted on the 27th day of November, 1922, as amended by Or- <br />dinance Xd. 201, entitled.,. *An Ordinance. Amending Ordinance <br />No. 195 entitled, 'An Oridinance Imposing Municipal Licenses: <br />in the Town of Los Gatos and Providing for the Collection of <br />the Same. and Prescribing Penalties for the Violation Thereof g, <br />passed and adopted on the 27th day of November, 1922", passed <br />and a.d.opted on the 19th day of November, 1923s be and the same <br />is hereby, amended to read as follows, to wit t <br />ItSECTION 2.4°., Every person, firm or corporation engaged <br />in peddling or vending of fish about the Torn of Los Gatos from <br />carts= baskets, wagons, automobiles or other vehicles, shall pay <br />a license of Twenty (~20.00) Dollars semi.-annually and no license <br />shall. be issued for a less period than six (6) months.1- <br />SEC TICN 2: That Section 35 of said Ordinance No. 195, as <br />amended by said Ordinance No. 201 be, and the same is hereby, <br />amended to read as follows, to wit: <br />