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N n : F m "-d'I F DOS <br />G ''OS DDDD' slt; r,' I?~? HIGH- <br />' i <br />BE IT BY THE BOARD OF TENSTEES OF THE TOWN <br />CT DOS G _iTOS ORDA Ii1tET: <br />j <br />SECTION l; That an Jose Avenue, East Hain <br />Street, West }gain Street from East Main Street to the <br />''lest :rly line of Tait Avenue, North Santa Cruz Avenue <br />from the Southerly line of Broadway Avenue to South <br />Santa Cruz Avenue, South Santa. Cruz Avenue from North <br />Santa Cruz Avenue to the Northerly line of Saratoga <br />Avenue and Saratoga Avenue from the easterly line of <br />South Santa Cruz Avenue to the ':Westerly city !imits, <br />be, and they are hereby, designated as boulevards, and <br />all vehicles shall be stopped beforo entering or crossing <br />such boulevards <br />SECTIOV': The Marshall of the Torn of Dos <br />Gatos shall clearly mark or sign-post all such boulevards <br />to give notice of such fact <br />SECTION 3: Any person drivi and ope2atinS <br />a vehicle who shall fail to stop t, before entering or crossing <br />any such boulevard shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and <br />upon conviction thereof shall be punished by af?ne of not <br />more than One Hundred a :;y Dollars, or by imprisonment <br />in the County "ail for not more than thirty days, or by both <br />such fine a d. imprisonmen t <br />SECTI:. v 4 This Ord na.nce shall be published <br />once in tae <br />s <br />a newspaper printed and published in the Town of Dos Gatos <br />PA.S ~!','D XT D ADOPTED at a regular meeting of the n <br />Board of Trustees of the Town of Dos Gatos, On he <br />-l- <br />