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RDIFIANO E No. 210. <br />ali OKI?I1S vl,E PBOVIBi TG FOR `.,H 1 CTjTRIEG OI A <br />BOYIF EB IIINIDEBTEMEESS TFmORl~`I'THOUS ~ `~'OVI ? OFLaS GTATOST <br />IINT I Q 's `b 3 i - t RE V ND FIVE 1101 R.S1,tJ <br />($22,'500.00;) DOLLARS and PROVIDING FOR THE <br />ISSTJ NNE .Ow BO TBS TH,EFEFOR. <br />The Board of Trustees of the Toj=ate of Los Gatos do <br />ordain as follows: <br />Section 1. That pursuant to the results of a special <br />municipal election held in the Touan of Los Gatos on the 2 th day <br />of April, 1925, the Tows of Los Gatos issue its negotiable bonds, <br />the same to be forty-five (45) in number, which shall be of the <br />denomination of Five hundred (8500.00) dollars each and shah be <br />numbered from one (1) to forty-five (45) each bond inclusive, and <br />all of said bonds shall bear interest from their issuance until <br />paid at the rate of five per cent. per annum., payable semi- -annually, <br />both principal and interest of said bonds being payable in gold coin <br />of the United States of America in the manner follomy"ng, to-wit: <br />3ne-ninth part of the whole amount of said indebtedness shall be <br />paid each and every year at the Town Treasury of said Town on the <br />first day of July, together with interest on all sums unpaid at <br />such datesm The interest of said bonds shall by paid semi-annually, <br />one of such semi-annual payments in each year being on the first <br />day of July and the other of such semi=annual payments in each year <br />being on the first day of January. Said interest shall be. evidenced <br />by proper coupons attached to said bonds, a se?arate coupon being <br />attached to each bond for each semi-annual payment of interest to <br />become due thereon. Five of said bonds shall. mature and be payable <br />at the end of each year; the first installment being bonds one (1) <br />to five (5) inclusive; the second installment being bonds six (6) <br />to ten (10) inclusive; the third installment being bonds eleven (11) <br />to fifteen (15)--inclusive; the fourth installment being bonds six- <br />-1- <br />