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ORDINANCE 150. ~ <br />fill ORDINANCE AMT 'SING Oi-DIIT,.A.:NGE NO. 195 <br />EMIT "~.N ORDINA'ICE MPOSIIXG MUNICIPAL <br />LICENSES IN TIM <br />Tr -VG ,V'X TO-r~~tLl- S GATOS -41-ID <br />3tt <br />PROVID-L]" G FOR TF2, OOLLF',GTiuiq OF T4iE S~..71 <br />AM PITSCRIBING PENALTIES FOR THE- VIO-LATION <br />T MREOF, " PASSED ~YB ADOPTED ON TIM 27TH <br />DAY OF NOVE R, 1922 <br />The Board of Trustees of the To-"n- of Los Gatos do ordain <br />as follows: <br />FOiION I e That Section 24 of Cih},anne <br />"An Ort iri nce imposing municipal licen-ses in the <br />and';. --'oviding for the collection of the same and <br />penalties for the violations. thereof," passed and <br />27th day of November 1922, be amended to reed as <br />No. 195 entitled <br />of Los Gatos <br />prescribing <br />adopted on the <br />fo? lows: towit, <br />9890511ION 24: Every person" firm or corporation en- <br />gaged in peddling or vending of fish., pottiltry, eggs, <br />butter or cheese, about the Tmrn from carts, baskets; <br />wagons or other vehicles, shall. pay a license of twenty <br />dollars ($20.00) semi-annually, and no license shell be <br />issued for a less period than six (6) months>" <br />SECTION 2. That Section 35 of said ordinance No. 195 <br />be amended to read as follows: tovWit, <br />"SECTION 35: Every person, firm or corporation,not <br />a peddler or hawker, transacting and carrying on the busi- <br />ness of delivering by wagon; automobile or other vehicle, <br />bread or bread stuffs of any kind, or any other product <br />of' flour or meal baked, mixed or prepared for human con- <br />sUirm.tion, coffee, tea, spices,, ice cream, soda water or <br />other beverages, not 'caving a fixed place of business in <br />said Town from which said deliveries are made, shall tray <br />a license of ten dollars ($10.00) semi-annually, and it <br />shal-l be unlawfful for any person to drive any such wagon, <br />autcmobi s e or other vehicle within said Town for the <br />delivery of any of said articles unless said license has <br />been -paid." <br />SECTION 3: That Sedtion 44 of said Ordinance No. 195 <br />is hereby amended to read as follows., towit: <br />SECTION 44: Each peg=son, firia or corporation <br />conducting, managing or carrying on the business of <br />ruining, driving or operating any automobile or motor <br />propelled vehicle for the transportation of passengers <br />for hire over. a defined route the. terminae of r hick. are <br />ouuside of the Town of Los Gatos, but which vehicle. stops <br />in the said Town of Los Gatos to receive and discharge <br />passehgerst, for each said vehicle a license in the sum of <br />Twelve dollars (612®00) per. annum for each vet-licle shall <br />be paid, and Jilt; shall be unlawful to drive or operate any <br />such vehicle in said. Torn unless said license shall have <br />first been paid. <br />