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.RESOLUTION 2001- 47 <br />RESOLUTION OF THE TOWN COUNCIL OF THE TOWN OF LDS GATOS <br />AUTHORIZING'THE TOWN MANAGER TO EXECUTE AN AGREEMENT WITH <br />DEBORAH LINGO-1VIC CORMICI~ CONSULTING FOR CONTRACT <br />PLANNING SERVICES <br />FOR TIIE GENERAL PLAN IMPLEMENTATION. <br />RESOLVED, that the Town of Los Gatos Town Council adopted the General Plan 2000 in <br />.July 2000; and <br />RESOLVED, that the General Plan 2000 includes implementing strategies that require <br />.action and/or completion of tasks; and <br />RESOLVED, that the Town Council approved the Implementation Plan on March i 9, 2001, <br />including the hiring of a project manager; and <br />RESOLVED, that the Director of Community Development reviewed proposals from <br />qualified contract planners, several of whom were interviewed by the Director and the Town <br />Manager; and <br />RESOLVED, that Deborah Ungo-McCormick of Ungo-IVIcCormiclc Consulting was <br />.determined to be the most qualified consultant to be the project manager for the General Plan <br />implementation based on her experience and qualifications, and her availability; and <br />RESOLVED, by the Town Council that the TOWN OF LOS GATOS enter into an <br />agreement for contract planning services (as listed in the scope ofworlc attached as Exhibit A). <br />FURTHER RESOLVED, by the Town Council that the Town Manager is authorized and <br />directed to execute an agreement for contract planning services for the General Plan implementation <br />in behalf of the TOWN OF LOS GATOS. <br />