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ORDINANCE NO. 6173 <br />N ORDINANCE AMENDING ORDINANCE NO. 392 OF THE TOWN O LO <br />GATOS, ENTITLED -AN ORDINANCE OF THE TOWN OF LOS GATOS, COUNTY <br />OF SANTA CLAA, STATE OF CALIFORNIA ADOPTING A ZONING" OR <br />DISTRICTING PLAN FOR SAID TOWN, `''"=ITT? WHICH CERTAIN REC$.LA- <br />TICND SHALL BE IN EFFECT RELATING TO THE USES OF LAND AND <br />^ ~~R ~YARDS AND OTHER OPEN t SPACES OPEN BOA" T ~~~:I~s.~y~,y D ~ L INCS; <br />BUILDINGS, <br />REQUIRING THAT CERTAIN PERMITS SHALL BE SECURED FOR CERTAIN <br />O <br />*,g .CERTAIN TERMS y <br />AND SPECIFYING F SUCH USES; H USED SUCH BUILDING SAND DEFINING Ly~R ~N; <br />PENALTIES FOR THE VIOLATION OF AYY OF w_. PROVISIONS a~'p.xYa .~IM; <br />y <br />REPS' at~T ~q'o ALL n .~.a,4.a T~'~' ORDINANCES RTC uc' v COF- <br />FLICT a ~.5~,. sL _ 5F yr F , R DI~d' .,^CE re~ 1 <br />THE TOWN COUNCIL O HE TOH F IEC G---TOS DOE CRDAIY A FOLLOWS: <br />Section I. That Ordinance No. 392 o the "do'fi'n of Los Gatos <br />entitled ea' O4~r a:.'U s'G ~~C;La 1...:1~ ~.5 ; a rd, F° THE T"c~,,H .r ~ f F <br />"AN O°F LOS °R GLTa t1Oh`°~ 9 'v C.. ~ .ICO i~ T~,.: OF ..s AS'Ok TA <br />C.p.»AF'3A, STATE OF CALIFORNIA, ADOPTING A ZONING OR DEETRICTING PLAN <br />FOR fi Sd'a.».,pro TOWN, WITHIN ~a C. CEwt,~.. ~Sti°,f REGULATIONS 7w^~s`:;H~a.~ L. :e.s ~:~a IN EFFECT <br />>d..°.r.'7.TI~,C TO TEE USES OF 9~s$~~PD Ai'~uD B~.I~'D I~~~~=.ti2..iS A'~E I G~. ~ 9 LI9i TS OF BU Iy..D- <br />froSy: y ,y ,g+ <br />ING <br />P AND aD AND ti' 1"i.'._ ~'r ~ s`C' 1;~.~P''~"~~'~S ABOUT EUI LSD,a..~u'C. S; REQUIRING <br />TEAT rya CERTAIN PERMITS - y SHALL B SECURED RF+'~~ R Cw~.°~.A.~P~9 F~.~'""ry ~'~~C~ 1 I.~~,8..~ n e, <br />R ~.F' CERTAIN ~ . ~ 6 ~l~P~ S <br />..'3ND USES DEFINING {C CERTAIN TERMS USED HEREIN; AND SPECIFYING TEE <br />PROCEDURE F`O'~~~^. T3...1E as A~€''~,EWDMANT A :""RE C I`TI'P? PENALTIES FOR T VIO- <br />LATION OF N aT OF THE PROVISIONS HEREIN; %F E...u..._ d.} . ~d~<.. . `b y '"•PEA:~.3L g '°"':»S:F4°Y' ALL ~''~°:;..E R ~ D <br />1.`V°i AE`. <br />TO PARTS ~~9~'44,r.. ORDINANCES E.d CONFLICT ~ passed aR'.U: IL'•-f• <br />adopted ~y,. by <br />E.i' ~ HEREWITH", the Town Council of the Town of Los Gatos on the 12th day of Yarch' <br />1953, bep and the same is hereby amend*d by adding new Section 3.18 <br />and 6.30 to read as follow <br />Section 5.1S CCNDITIONAL USES: <br />also be permitted if their location <br />Planning Commission, as provided for <br />The following uses nay <br />is first approved by the <br />in Section 10.00: ~0!` <br />Zone uses ender the following development standards: <br />a) Front yard setback same as 3ection 5.13 measured from the <br />official plan line width, landscaped and maintained; said yard <br />not permitted to be used for required priming. <br />b) Parking requirements shall be in an m=ount fully adequate <br />to take cadre of the principals, employees and cl'ie'nts who use <br />the building. <br />I <br />