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~" „y <br />a:~,t <br />~~ <br />OItUSNANCE ISO. ~~-~ <br />.~PQ 00000«__ <br />AN ORnTNANCE ~STABLIS:EiING WAFER RATES FOR THE TOiNN OF <br />i,OS GATOS., CA~,IFORNTAb <br />w.~«oaooo«-•« <br />xTi~ BQARD' OTC'"~1~t7STE~S of the~~.~owri cif Zos Gatos dri ...ordain as <br />fol~.ow <br />~kts scY~edule irate to be eha~ged. for. wa.tear rate payers to be <br />col].eeted for furnishing: water to customers within the tgwra~of hos <br />Gatos for the year commencing.- ~'uly. lttt, 1908,. shall be as fo~,lows a~ <br />S®otioa 1, Far ~er~emente oac~pied by a sing~.a family of not <br />more than fide persont~, per month-p<-.~.~.~-_--_~- ,°«~_.«___<..,a_.,~.m~..90 <br />Section 24 For families.and prive.te boarding housep of more <br />than Five persaris, shall lie oharged for each person above that <br />Y.~U,~bl3.$~'w«,_an.«e...~.~.....~os+».as....»<~r...•.www.:.,wfi.~m__o..~....vF._«.«,.«,r_«~.'...g,.._._""'._°°"_~..,am .1~~ <br />C~1~~S~r4i'~ of e;even .years aTld. tai3der are e]C81p'ipti f~Om t•Ya,e above <br />1f'at e . <br />Section :3, For smell fami~;ies oooupy~,ng roams in second and <br />thiz`d stories,, per-month«°-_~M.~__...._.~s_______...,,._:___»__.,..___,~,.___ .~?r6~ <br />r~tt //~~ S,e, cst~.on 4.~ For restaurants and eating houses, p er uao~~th C <br />_'...n .. _ _P <br />,~~N9V0 YQ •rr m~p!..~.wwao.ia...o.o r~4..w a«,...~w awe w~.w r.~a•o. ..w p+d e._., o, o..m o.e mw ~iiV).0 e/0 <br />Section b. For hatels e;nd lodging houses, rate subject to <br />dip®cia]. agreement iii aecarc2ance wf'th the quantity of water used, <br />to be determined by ud,~er as provdded in Section 27 <br />Section 6. For small .stores and shops per monthw---- •w_- ..50 <br />°° Section 7. For stores and shops per month 1.00 to @« - - 2.50 <br />Secti.on~$. For sa,~.oons, per month.~1.50 to «-~« «_.~ wp.w_ 3x50 <br />Section 9. For rooms in second and. third,ator es occupied as <br />off'i.ees, for each roottt, per_ month ~.25 to--~-e_R__a___:_...a_--~~ .~0' <br />Section_~.0. For photograph. galleries, psr.month X3.00 to 5.00 <br />Section ll. for public ~-ater~closeta where there is only one, <br />p:er month»,._ ..~_~~,.~_--~-__«.M-_-_ _ •_ _a~. ~_ _e „w«;_~_1®00 <br />For each, additional one per month~a-• «-~-- . _~..q~ _..~»__a-•°~~ .~0 <br />for. pr gate one, per month---~~_..__d,m..___°,_~__mo____mm~-_.~m ..40 <br />Section 7.2. For.publie;bath..tubs used in bathing•establish~ <br />ments,,`t+oarding houses. and barber shops,, for farst'gne,..per <br />moaith,~~o _ m e __ m..___~_.._____.-. ~A_.____mra_-q_°.a®®® 1.50 <br />~'0r each additionalone,.. per month--«__s- _ e~..___.. .° 1,00. <br />for bath tubs."used in private families, per month---m..__R« .25 <br />Suction l3. For bakeries, 'in aeldition to the :family rates, <br />acoord~:ng to the monthly use of flour, for each 25 'barrels used, <br />per„m.,_P -----~____R___.,_..___a__-_____~___<_ --_-_-- x,.,.5.0 <br />SectimiY :i~.~For drug stores without the use of^soda 0r <br />othea° fo~antairis, per month•~a _~ -~b«_-_:mm_ __- _ _ .. .. - 1,00 <br />Tor drub stores where soda or other- fountains are used, pier <br />month, :2.00 tomo..a.~_.,-;. _,~.._<.,_~___w.._-._.;4~_.~~..m.~~..,_.~__,._e_ 3000 <br />y, l5 ~ For blacksmith anal other wagon shops, per e~ <br />~ontJlu.R+.o _yq'.~w.+<.. ... _Y. az .e . _ .. .. y.___y_a._ .vc,® ~,;®Q0 <br />Section ~.6~ For 1i4ery~st.ables,Wincluding«water for wabh- <br />ing 'bu~giea-arid carriages, for each horse, per monthaw~~w-~•_e_« ,25 <br />Section l°7m :Far :private: stables, including water far horses <br />and v~ater ,~Por Was~:ing buggy,"per month-e__.._..~ _,._.~m _~,~.s W_a .~5 <br />For each. additional horse ar -cow, per ffiOnth-•-_d__~,_m_®w_«.. .20 <br />`SeotioYi .18. .,Faz° steam ~:engini:a not working =over 10 horse <br />power per.~day, for Qaeh horse power so used, per month«~_Q«~m-m .70 <br />For all work~.rlg over 10 horse power per day, for each- horse <br />d'(~J <br />~~,."~ <br />