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Ord 1050 - Repealing Section 20.24 of the Town Zoning Ordinance[Icon] 1 DEFAULT Clerks
Ord 1051 - Amending the town zoning ordinance to permit group foster homes[Icon] 3 DEFAULT Clerks
Ord 1053 - Amending Ordinance No. 867 specifically described in and designated as change no. 49 of Ordinance No. 867[Icon] 14 DEFAULT Clerks
Ord 1054 - Regulating door to door solicitation and peddling[Icon] 2 DEFAULT Clerks
Ord 1055 - Amending Chapter 20 of the Los Gatos Town Code for the purpose of increasing employer contributions to the Town Retirement Plan[Icon] 2 DEFAULT Clerks
Ord 1056 - Amending Section 20-11.3 of the Town Code authorizing members of Town Retirement Plan to become members of public employees retirement plan[Icon] 4 DEFAULT Clerks
Ord 1057 - Providing for Off-Street Parking in Downtown Core Area[Icon] 2 DEFAULT Clerks
Ord 1058 - Appeal Procedures[Icon] 16 DEFAULT Clerks
Ord 1059 - Authorizing a contract between the Town Council and the Board of Administration of the California Public Employees' Retirement System[Icon] 12 DEFAULT Clerks
Ord 1060 - Amending Ordinance No. 867 specifically described as zone change no. 50 of Ordinance No. 867[Icon] 3 DEFAULT Clerks
Ord 1061 - Amending the Zoning ordinance effecting Zone Change No. 51 from R-1:8000 to PD ‎(Planned Development)‎[Icon] 2 DEFAULT Clerks
Ord 1062 - Amending the Zoning Ordinance effecting Zone Change no. 52 from R-1:8000 to R-M:5-12[Icon] 2 DEFAULT Clerks
Ord 1063 - Amending the Zoning Ordinance effecting Zone Change No. 53 from R-M:5-12 to CH[Icon] 2 DEFAULT Clerks
Ord 1064 - Establishing Underground Utility District No. 1972-1 in the vicinity of Blossom Hill Road - Cherry Blossom Lane and Camellia Terrace[Icon] 3 DEFAULT Clerks
Ord 1065 - Amending Zoning Ordinance, Zone Change No. 54 from C-1 to CH[Icon] 3 DEFAULT Clerks
Ord 1066 - Designating the Town Clerk as Town Tax and License Collector[Icon] 2 DEFAULT Clerks
Ord 1067 - Specifying teh Planned Development Conditions for Zone Change NO. 51[Icon] 9 DEFAULT Clerks
Ord 1068 - Uniform Building Code Standards[Icon] 16 DEFAULT Clerks
Ord 1069 - Concering Accounting to Members, Vesting, Retirement Age and Distribution Options[Icon] 5 DEFAULT Clerks
Ord 1070 - Electing to have Sewer Service Charges Collected on the Tax Roll for the Fiscal Year 1972-1973[Icon] 2 DEFAULT Clerks
Ord 1071 - authorizing an amendment to the contract between the Los Gatos Town Council and the board of administration of the California Public Employees' Retirement System[Icon] 3 DEFAULT Clerks
Ord 1072 - Concerning use of Residential Structures for Non-Residential uses in Commercial and Manufacturing Zoning Districts[Icon] 2 DEFAULT Clerks
Ord 1073 - Permitting Restoration or Rehabilitation of Structures for Specific Uses[Icon] 4 DEFAULT Clerks
Ord 1074 - Effecting Zone Change NO. 55 from C-1 to R-D:8,000[Icon] 4 DEFAULT Clerks
Ord 1075 - Amending the Zoning Ordinance Effecting Zone Change No. 56 from R-1 to R-1:8000.[Icon] 3 DEFAULT Clerks
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