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From: Jim Murray [] <br />Sent: Monday, April 03, 2017 6:04 PM <br />To: Jackie Rose <br />Cc: frankie murray <br />Subject: Strong support for Permit Parking Program on Loma Alta Ave <br /> <br />My wife Frankie (copied here) and I are writing to express our strong support for the proposed <br />permit parking program for our neighborhood, which is immediately above the first stop sign on <br />Loma Alta Ave. <br /> <br />After the high school students occupy the available spaces by shortly after 8 am during the <br />school year, someone coming to our house often cannot find a parking space nearby, This is a <br />problem not only for our son and for friends, but also for service providers (at least those who <br />cannot double park while delivering packages, but double parking itself creates potential traffic <br />safety concerns on our street where speeding vehicles, and "rolling stop signs", is fairly <br />common). <br /> <br />We trust that the high school can manage its available parking spaces to better encourage car <br />pooling, with more studen passengers per vehicle. Many of the vehicles I have observed <br />parking on our street have only a single occupant -- the driver (some of whom during the winter <br />keep their cars idling while in a parking space, exhausting more pollutants in cold <br />weather, until the driver finally decides it is time to walk over to school). Social networks, texts <br />and the plain 'ol phone service provide ways for students to connect efficiently via their <br />smartphones to car pool. So students need not rely on the VTA's bus route to augment whatever <br />transport to school their parents or other family members can provide -- if their homes are <br />actually beyond reasonable walking distance from the high school.. <br /> <br />We look forward to receiving news of the next steps to get this permit parking program in place. <br /> <br />- Jim and Frankie Murray, 161 Loma Alta Ave, Los Gatos (cell @ 925-998-9964) <br />