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ORDINANCE NO. II45 <br />AN ORD INANcE DES IGNAT ING F IvE (5) I.IIIoNnnrs as <br />H ISTOR ICALLY ANO CULTURALLY S IGN IF ICANT. <br />The Town Council of the Town of Los Gatos does ordain as <br />follows: <br />S ECT ION I. <br />The following landmarks are hereby designated historically <br />and cultural ly signif icant: <br />HO-73-9 Alpine Avenue Stone l,Ialls - both sides of Alpine <br />Avenue be tween Ma in Street and Foster Road. <br />The deta i I ed descr ipt ion of the des ignated I andmarks, the char- <br />acter ist ics which justify des igna t ion, and a map showing their <br />I oca t ion and delineation of the h is tor ic s ite, are part of this <br />0rdinance. <br />-t- <br />I tem V I -A