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0RDINANCE N0. 1l4s <br />AN ORD INANCE DES IGNAT ING SEVEN (7) STRUCTURES <br />AND THREE (3) LANDMARKS AS H ISTOR ICALLY AND <br />CU LTU RALLY S I GN IF ICANT. <br />The Town Counc il of the Town of Los Ge tos does ordain as <br />follows; <br />SECT ION I. <br />The following structures and Iandmarks are hereby designated <br />historically and cul turally signif icant: <br />HD-73- I /Forbes Mill <br />HD-73-2 /Toll Horse - 142 South Santa Cruz Avenue <br />HD-73'3 / L. Canada Building - l-l/ North Santa Cruz Avenue <br />HD-73-q / n.Cul lagh-Jones House - 18000 0verlook Road <br />HD-73-5 /P"t., Johnson Home - 49 Los Gatos Boulevard <br />HD-73-6 ../ Janes Lyndon Home - 27O East Main Street <br />/ll)'73'7 WHarry Perrin Home - 315 University Avenue <br />HD-73-8 /Ston" Cats - westerly side of Highway I/ <br />,/HD-73-ll -{,rinchester Boulevard Stone Wal ls - r.,,es t side of <br />!Jinchester Bou I eva rd and north s ide of B ruce Avenue <br />HD-73-12 JCol lege Avenue Stone Wall - east side of College <br />Avenue be tween Ma in Street and Vil la Avenue <br />TllE 0etailed description of the des ignated structures and land- <br />marks, the c h a r a c t e r i s t i c e s w h i c h justify des ignation, and a map <br />showing the location and del ineation of the historic stte, are <br />part of this 0rdinance. <br />-l-