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PAGE 2 <br />MAYOR AND TOWN COUNCIL <br />SUBJECT: PPW JOB NO. 13 -31 — ALMOND GROVE STREET REHABILITATION PROJECT <br />411 - 811 -0003 <br />FEBRUARY 4, 2016 <br />The Almond Grove Street Rehabilitation project is intended to renew the streets and rehabilitate curb, <br />gutter, and sidewalks consistent with Council direction in the Almond Grove and Broadway historic <br />districts. This project began with the rehabilitation of asphalt streets in the area in 2013 with a rubber <br />cape seal project. All ten streets in the area are in need substantial reconstruction. <br />Council has discussed this project over several Council meetings as summarized below: <br />December 17, 2012 Town Council meeting - Staff provided an update to Council on rehabilitation <br />options for the project and requested that Council provide input to staff regarding the project, including <br />pavement material. Council instructed staff to hold discussions with the community on various project <br />options including pavement choices for the reconstruction of the streets. <br />December 2, 2013 Town Council meeting - Council authorized the Town Manager to execute a <br />consultant design services agreement with Nichols Consulting Engineers (NCE) for the design of the <br />Phase I Almond Grove Street Rehabilitation project, which included Broadway, Bachman, and Tait <br />Avenues, in an amount not to exceed $298,500. In addition, Council authorized staff to execute future <br />change orders in the amount of $30,000. <br />March 3, 2015 Town Council meeting - Staff provided a design update and requested that the Council <br />provide direction on preparing bid documents to allow for bidding the project for both concrete and <br />asphalt pavement and provide other design direction as desired. At that time, the Council directed staff to <br />design the project for bid with concrete pavement. <br />May 18, 2015 Town Council meeting - Staff requested Council approval of the plans and <br />specifications for the reconstruction of Broadway and Bachman Avenues in concrete and allow bid and <br />award of these two streets within a specified budget. At that time, Council requested that staff provide <br />estimated costs for reconstruction of all of the Almond Grove and Broadway Historic District concrete <br />streets and return to Council with information on funding options for all of these streets in conjunction <br />with the discussion of the approval of the FY 2015/16 Capital Improvement Program (CIP) budget. <br />June 19, 2015 Town Council meeting - During the FY 2015/16 CIP budget discussion at this meeting <br />staff provided estimated costs for reconstruction of all of the Almond Grove and Broadway District <br />concrete streets and provided Council with possible funding options for financing the complete <br />reconstruction project. Staff told Council they would return in the fall to provide more detailed <br />information regarding project funding and to further discuss the Almond Grove street design. <br />September 16, 2015 Town Council meeting - Staff provided the information requested in June and <br />Council provided direction to keep the existing curb line in place for all of the streets and to remove <br />unsuitable street trees in accordance with the Town Tree Ordinance. The item was continued to the <br />October 20, 2015 Town Council Meeting to allow for the provision of additional information. <br />Additionally, at this meeting staff provided the Almond Grove Funding Plan and Funding Schedule <br />(Attachment #1) to show how the reconstruction could be funded for both asphalt and concrete for all <br />