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• TDM Program: Implement all measures of the Final TDM program prepared <br />by Nelson /Nygaard. <br />• Enforcement: The maximum daily trips will be monitored by way of an <br />electronic, underground counter that transmits vehicle counts to a third party. <br />This third party shall send the data to the Town for each monitoring period to <br />determine compliance with the Maximum Number of Daily Vehicle Trips. <br />• Monitoring Periods: Every month for the first year, every two months for the <br />second year, and every three months thereafter. <br />• Penalty: Escalated penalty system starting at $1,000 per trip in excess of the <br />maximum daily trip cap, with subsequent periods of non - compliance <br />increasing to $5,000 and then $10,000 per trip and a 10% enrollment <br />reduction in the next academic year. <br />II. Project Impacts <br />The breadth of analysis undertaken by Town staff and its consultants to inform <br />the Planning Commission's deliberations was exhaustive and exceeded the required <br />reporting requirements. By way of history, after moving forward with an Initial Study and <br />a Mitigated Negative Declaration, the Town subsequently decided to conduct a fully <br />scoped Environmental Impact Report (EIR) in order to thoroughly analyze the potential <br />impacts triggered by the Project. <br />The Draft Environmental impact Report (DEIR), released in March 2014, <br />concluded that Hilibrook's increased enrollment would cause no significant Impacts to <br />the neighborhood. This conclusion is important because the California Environmental <br />Quality Act (CEQA) provides the Town with the State - mandated framework for <br />analyzing a project's physical effect on the environment. The DEIR found that the <br />Project triggers either no impacts or impacts that are less than significant under <br />CEQA. <br />The Town received several hundred pages of comments on the DEIR. The Final <br />Environmental Impact Report (FEIR) was released on August 29, 2014 and <br />meticulously responded to each and every comment submitted on the DEIR. It also <br />analyzed the Project refinements. The FEIR confirmed that the changes proposed to <br />the Project would reduce the Project's impacts identified in the DEIR, which already <br />were less than significant under the Town's CEQA significance thresholds. <br />-3- <br />