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Background <br />A. Project Refinements <br />By way of background, in direct response to the neighbors' concerns about the <br />Project's potential impacts on the local streets, Hillbrook refined its proposal to include <br />the following key elements: <br />• Enrollment: Increase from 315 students to 414 students. <br />• Average Daily Count (ADT): 960 average daily vehicles (480 each way) <br />entering and exiting the campus. <br />• AM /PM Peak Periods: Reduction in our AMIPM peak period maximum of <br />outgoing vehicles from 165 to an average of 150 vehicles during drop- off/pick- <br />up periods. <br />• Summer: 480 average daily vehicles (240 each way), half of the regular <br />school year average and no summer evening events. <br />• TDM Program: Implement mandatory TDM program with a bi- annual <br />reporting requirement to the Town. <br />• Enforcement: The Town will engage a third party, independent consultant to <br />determine compliance with the trip cap averages based on the driveway <br />sensor data. <br />• Monitoring Periods: Three periods to reflect Hillbrook's terms, First Term, <br />Second Term, and Summer Term. <br />• Penalty: Escalated penalty system starting at $1,000 per trip in excess of the <br />daily, AM or PM average, with subsequent periods of non - compliance <br />increasing to $5,000 and then $10,000 per trip, with a reset to $1,000 per trip <br />after a return to compliance. <br />B. Planning Commission Modifications <br />During its deliberations, the Planning Commission made major modifications to <br />the CUP proposal, which are summarized here. <br />Enrollment: Increase from 315 to 414 students over the course of three <br />academic years, provided that Hillbrook meets the maximum daily count of <br />880 trips based on monthly monitoring and compliance for the first year, every <br />two months for the second year, and every three months thereafter. <br />• Maximum Daily Count: 880 maximum daily vehicles entering and exiting the <br />campus. <br />-2- <br />