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RESOLUTION 2012 -023 <br />RESOLUTION OF THE TOWN COUNCIL <br />OF THE TOWN OF LOS GATOS <br />PRELIMINARY APPROVING THE ENGINEER'S REPORT FOR <br />LANDSCAPING AND LIGHTING ASSESSMENT DISTRICTS NO. 1 & 2 FOR <br />FISCAL YEAR 2012/13 <br />WHEREAS, pursuant to the Landscaping and Lighting Act of 1972, on the 16 day of <br />April 2012, said Council did adopt its Resolution No. 2012 -013 "A Resolution Describing <br />Improvements and Directing Preparation of Engineer's Report For Fiscal Year 2012/13," for the <br />Town of Los Gatos Landscaping and Lighting Assessment Districts No. 1 & 2, in said Town and <br />did refer the proposed improvements to the Engineer of the Town and did therein direct said <br />Engineer to prepare and file with the Clerk Administrator of said Town a report, in writing, all as <br />therein more particularly described; and <br />WHEREAS, said Town Engineer prepared and filed with the Clerk Administrator a <br />report in writing as called for in said Resolution No. 2012 -013 and under and pursuant to said <br />Act, which report has been presented to this Council for consideration; and <br />WHEREAS, said Council has duly considered said report and each and every part <br />thereof, and finds that each and every part of said report is sufficient, and that neither said report, <br />nor any part thereof should be modified in any respect. <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED AS FOLLOWS: <br />1. That the plans and specifications for the existing improvements and the proposed <br />new improvements to be made within the assessment districts or within any zone thereof, <br />contained in said report, be, and they are hereby preliminarily approved. <br />2. That the Engineer's estimate of the itemized and total costs and expenses of said <br />improvements, maintenance and servicing thereof, and of the incidental expenses in connection <br />therewith, contained in said report, be, and each of them are hereby preliminarily approved. <br />1 <br />