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RESOLUTION 2012 -020 <br />RESOLUTION OF THE TOWN COUNCIL <br />OF THE TOWN OF LOS GATOS <br />AMENDING THE APPENDICES OF THE TOWN'S <br />CONFLICT OF INTEREST CODE PURSUANT TO DIVISION 4 <br />OF ARTICLE III OF CHAPTER 2 OF THE LOS GATOS TOWN CODE <br />WHEREAS: <br />A. The Political Reform Act, Government Code section 81000, et seq., requires State <br />and local government agencies to adopt and promulgate conflict of interest codes. The Fair Political <br />Practices Commission has adopted a regulation, 2 California Code of Regulations Section 18730, <br />which contains the terms of a standard conflict of interest code, which can be incorporated by <br />reference and which may be amended by the Fair Political Practices Commission to conform to <br />amendments in the Political Reform Act after public notice and hearings. The terms of 2 California Code <br />of Regulations Section 18730 have been adopted by reference by the Town Council in Division 4 of <br />Article III of Chapter 2 of the Los Gatos Town Code. <br />B. The Town Council/Redevelopment Agency adopted an ordinance intended to <br />better facilitate the process of updating the Town's Conflict of Interest Code by authorizing the adoption <br />and periodic updates of the detailed appendices required by 2 California Code of Regulations Section <br />18730 containing the designation of positions and disclosure categories. <br />C. The California State Legislature adopted ABxl 26 in June, 2011 which requires <br />the Town as the Successor Agency for the former Redevelopment Agency to establish an <br />Oversight Board. Pursuant to ABxl 26 and a determination by Fair Political Practice <br />Commission (FPPC), the Oversight Board is required to adopt a Conflict of Interest Code. On <br />April 3, 2012, at its first meeting, the Oversight Board adopted a Resolution adopting the Town <br />of Los Gatos Conflict of Interest Code and any amendments thereto as the Conflict of Interest <br />Code for the Oversight Board <br />