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required. to be constru.eted.; the width, location and <br />purpose of easements required to be dedicated; and such <br />other matters as may in the opinion of the Planning <br />Commission be appropriate in each case. A subdivider may, <br />at his discretion, file an amended tentative map with <br />the Planning Commission during the period of time in <br />which his original tentative map is before the Commission <br />for action. In such cases, the time limits established by <br />this chapter shall date from the day of the filing of the <br />amended map. <br />If no action is taken by the Planning Commission on <br />a tentative map within the time limits as specified, the <br />tentative map, as filed, shall be deemed to be approved, <br />and it shall be the duty of the secretary of the Planning <br />Commission to certify the approval. <br />SECTION 3. <br />Section 27 -17 of the Los Gatos Town Code is amended to <br />re ad <br />SEC. 27 -17. APPEAL OF ACTION OF PLANNING COMMISSION <br />TO TOWN COUNCIL <br />Any interested person who is dissatisfied with any <br />action of the Planning Commission with respect to a <br />tentative map, or the kinds, nature and extent of the <br />improvements recommended by the advisory agency tube <br />required may, within fifteen days after such action, <br />appeal to the Town Council for a public hearing thereon. <br />The Town Council shall hear the appeal, upon notice to <br />the subdivider, the appellant and the Planning Commission, <br />(unless the appellant consents to a continuance) within <br />