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(b) The development and maintenance of appropriate <br />settings and environment for such structures; <br />(c) The enhancement of property values, the stabilization <br />of neighborhoods and. areas of the Town, the increase <br />of economic and financial benefits to the Town and <br />its inhabitants, and the promotion of tourist <br />trade and interest; <br />(d) The enrichment of human life in its educational and <br />cultural dimensions by serving aesthetic as well as <br />material needs and fostering knowledge of the living <br />heritage of the past. <br />SEC. 9 -1.2. Powers and Duties of Planning Commission and <br />Architecture and. Site Committee. <br />The Planning Commission and Architecture and Site Committee <br />have the following powers and duties: <br />(a) The Planning Commission: <br />1. Shall recommend to the Town council, after public <br />hearing, concerning designation of landmarks and. <br />historic districts, as provided in section 9 -2.4. <br />2. May establish and. maintain a list of structures <br />and other landmarks deserving official recognition <br />although not designated as landmarks or historic <br />districts, and take appropriate measures for <br />recognition. <br />(b) The Architecture and Site Committee: <br />1. Shall hear and determine permit applications for <br />construction, alteration, demolition and. remedial <br />work on landmark sites and in historic districts, <br />as provided in sections 9 -3.3 through.9 -3.7. <br />