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The physical facilities, including, but not limited <br />to buildings, associated with a nonconforming use may be <br />augmented when approval has been granted by the Architecture <br />and Site Committee. The Committee may grant such approval <br />only when, after a hearing held in the manner required <br />for variances, it makes findings based on the evidence <br />that the augmentation: <br />a. Will take place either on the zoning plot as it <br />existed on the date the use became nonconforming or on <br />the zoning plot that exists at the time of the hearing, <br />whichever is smaller, <br />b. Will not impede the orderly development or re- <br />development of neighboring property in a manner which will <br />conform to both the General Plan and. the currently applicable <br />zoning ordinance, <br />c. Will not in any way increase the burden which the <br />nonconforming use imposes on the neighborhood, and <br />d.. Will not be inconsistent with the general policy <br />of phasing out nonconforming uses, <br />e. Or, as an alternative to subparts b. , c. and d.. , <br />but not a., the requested change is required. by law. <br />In no event shall augmentation of a nonconforming use <br />extend the period during which such use may lawfully be <br />continued.. <br />-2- <br />