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ORDINANCE NO. 1498 <br />URGENCY ORDINANCE <br />OF THE <br />TOWN OF LOS GATOS <br />EXTENDING ORDINANCE NO. 1487 <br />EIGHT (8) MONTHS UNDER <br />GOVERNMENT CODE SECTION 65858 <br />THE TOWN COUNCIL OF THE TOWN OF LOS GATOS HEREBY ORDAINS: <br />Section A Findings <br />The Council hereby finds as follows: <br />1. The findings made in Ordinance No. 1487 still pertain. <br />2. Preparation of new Downtown Plan has begun but is not <br />completed. <br />3. It is therefore necessary, in order to protect the <br />public safety, health and welfare of the Town, that <br />Ordinance No. 1487 be extended for an additional <br />eight (8) months as provided in California Government <br />Code Section 65858, and that this ordinance take <br />effect immediately. <br />4a�ti <br />on R <br />Ordinance No. 1487 is hereby extended for -eight (8) months from <br />the date of adoption of this date, at which time it shall expire <br />unless extended for one year as provided by law. This ordinance <br />shall take effect immediately. <br />Within 15 days after this ordinance is adopted, the Town Clerk <br />shall cause it. to be published once in a newspaper of general <br />circulation published and circulated in the Town. <br />