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ORDINANCE NO. 1497 <br />AN URGENCY INTERIM ZONING ORDINANCE OF THE TOWN <br />OF LOS GATOS REQUIRING A CONDITIONAL USE PERMIT <br />FOR THE OFF - PREMISE SALE OF LIQUOR. <br />The Town Council of the Town of Los Gatos hereby ordains: <br />Section A. Findings <br />The Council hereby finds and discloses as follows: <br />1. One of the most important goals of the Council in <br />relation to non - residential cases, is to preserve and encourage <br />those uses that are beneficial and convenient to the residents <br />of the Town. <br />2. The concentration in one area of too many retail uses <br />providing for off- premises sale of liquor ( "off -sale uses ") <br />defeats the aforesaid goal, by (a) tending to attract persons <br />who cause public problems; and (b) discouraging local residents <br />from shopping in the area, thereby driving out resident- oriented <br />businesses and accentuating police problems even further. <br />3. There are applications for off -sale use pending that <br />threaten to permanently defeat the resident orientation goal <br />unless an ordinance requiring a use permit for such use is <br />adopted immediately. <br />4. The Town of Los Gatos has a.higher per capita number of <br />establishments selling alcoholic beverages than Santa Clara <br />County. <br />5. For the foregoing reasons, it is necessary for the <br />immediate preservation of the public peace, health and safety <br />that this ordinance take effect immediately. <br />Section B. <br />No establishment that does not sell alcoholic beverages <br />for off- premise use at the time this ordinance is adopted shall <br />do so during the term of this ordinance without first obtaining <br />a conditional use permit therefor. <br />