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ORDINANCE NO. 1490 <br />AN URGENCY ORDINANCE OF THE TOWN OF LOS <br />GATOS DECLARING CERTAIN TYPES OF FRUIT <br />TO BE A PUBLIC NUISANCE. IMPOSING PENALTIES <br />FOR FAILURE TO STRIP SUCH FRUIT UPON WRITTEN <br />REQUEST, AND REQUIRING DESTRUCTION OF SUCH <br />FRUIT BY THE METHODS SET FORTH IN THE TOWN <br />CODE FOR ABATEMENT OF WEEDS. <br />The Town Council of the Town of Los Gatos hereby ORDAINS: <br />Section 1. Findings <br />The Council hereby finds and declares as follows: <br />1. On December 24, 1980, the Governor of the State of <br />California proclaimed a State of Emergency in Santa Clara County <br />as a result of infestation by the Mediterranean Fruit Fly. <br />3. Federal and State officials plan to eradicate the Fly <br />by aerial pesticide spraying unless the emergency can be allevi- <br />ated by less drastic measures such as stripping hose fruit. <br />3. Since such aerial spraying would create severe health <br />hazards for the citizens of the Town, it is necessary for the <br />immediate preservation of public safety that host fruit be properly <br />stripped and disposed of, and that ordinances requiring parties to <br />do so become effective immediately. <br />Section 2. ' Definit'io ns. <br />1. "Host fruit" is all fruit, including nuts and berries, <br />and vegetables other than leafy types grown above ground. <br />2. "Strip" means to strip and dispose of host fruit as <br />provided in applicable Federal and State .regulations. <br />3. "Notice" is notice served as provided in California <br />Code of Civil Procedures, Section 1162, or by deposit in first <br />class mail by any employee or authorized agent of the Town. <br />2 -19 -81 <br />