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ORDINANCE NO. 1448 <br />ORDINANCE OF THE TOWN OF LOS GATOS <br />DECLARING COMMERCIAL DISPLAY TO MINORS <br />OR SALES TO MINORS OF EQUIPMENT FOR <br />ILLEGAL USE OF DRUGS TO BE A NUISANCE <br />THE TOWN COUNCIL OF THE TOWN OF LOS GATOS DOES ORDAIN <br />AS FOLLOWS: <br />SECTION 1. <br />The Town Council finds: <br />There are retail stores in the Town where equipment for <br />the unlawful use of drugs offered for sale, either as a sideline <br />or as the main item of trade. Some of the equipment offered, <br />such as cigarette papers and small containers, may be useful for <br />either licit or illicit purposes. Some, such as mir´┐Żature pipes <br />and water pipes, are more likely than not intended for illicit <br />use. Some, such as silver straws and miniature spoons, have no <br />practical use except as devices for the unlawful administration <br />of drugs. Although the degree of intrinsic ambiguity of the <br />equipment varies, it often is displayed in a manner obviously <br />indicating the drug - related purpose for which it is intended to <br />be used. (In these findings, stores that have such displays are <br />called head shops.) <br />The majority of the customers of head shops are young persons <br />and many are minors. Commercial sales of equipment for illegal <br />administration of drugs lends an air of legitimacy to drug <br />trafficking, and encourages drug use and the establishment of a <br />drug culture. Minors are particularly susceptible to the <br />suggestion that use of illegal drugs is not harmful. <br />SECTION 2. <br />Chapter 22 is added to the Code of the Town of Los Gatos, <br />to read: <br />ITEM X.D. 11_2 -79 <br />PWH /j <br />