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ORDINANCE NO. 1434 <br />URGENCY ORDINANCE OF TIIE TOWN OF LOS GATOS <br />REGULATING TRAFFIC IN THE DOWNTOWN AREA <br />An emergency exists in the Town of Los Gatos. The Central Business District <br />of the Town is bounded on the west by a bluff, hills and a crowded residential <br />area, and except for four blocks of East Main Street, on the east by State Highway <br />17, a freeway. These boundaries converge at the southerly end of Town. Only <br />three streets -- Main Street, State Route 9 and Blossom Hill. Road -- transect the <br />business district from east to west and connect, it with outside areas. Of these <br />three streets, only State Route 9 provides a street connection from the business <br />district to outside areas in both an easterly and westerly direction, but even <br />State Route 9 extends only 0.53 mile in an easterly direction and ends in an <br />intersection with the same narrow, two lane street that carried all of the through <br />traffic from Main Street. Westerly of the business district there are a few <br />streets -- W.est Main Street, Bachman Avenue and six narrow streets connecting with <br />San Benito Avenue which connect the business district with outside areas. The <br />routes these streets traverse are circuitous, and the streets themselves are <br />narrow and wholly impractical for use by other than light residential_ traffic. <br />On many of them two automobiles can pass only at slow speed and cannot pass where <br />automobiles are parked. On a north -south axis the business district is 1.4 miles <br />long. There are only two continuous north -south streets, Santa Cruz Avenue and <br />University Avenue. Like all of the other streets mentioned in this ordinance <br />except State Route 9, they have only two traffic lanes and are unusually narrow. <br />Under ordinary conditions over the years the streets of the central business <br />district have often been full to capacity. Daily at the end of the public school <br />day and during commuting hours there are traffic jams. <br />The central business district and its environs were laid out and built up by <br />about 1900. The cost of widening streets and providing freeway crossings suffic- <br />ient to make a material change in the central business district traffic problem <br />is far beyond the means of the Town, and any street widening or street connection <br />project that would make a major improvement in downtown traffic conditions would <br />- 1 - <br />