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PART B (RM:5 -20 -PD zone) <br />1. Two multiple dwelling structures -- building number one (located on the <br />upper level of the property) containing 21 condominium units and <br />building number two (located on the lower level of the property) <br />containing 27 condominium units, four of which are designated for <br />sale and occupancy under the Below Market Rate (BMR) Program. If <br />the Town has not adopted a BMR program by August 1, 1979 or <br />before issuance of the building permit for building number two, <br />whichever occurs later, the building may only contain 24 condominium <br />units, none of which are subject to the BMR program. <br />For the purpose of this ordinance adoption of a BMR program means <br />(1) the adoption by the Town Council of a resolution amending the <br />General Plan regarding a BMR program and (2) adoption of an ordinance <br />providing in substance that there is in the Town of Los Gatos a <br />Below Market Rate Housing program. A BMR program requires the <br />reservation of dwellings (or payment of an in -lieu fee) for the <br />purpose of sale to the Town or to buyer of moderate income (according <br />to standards established by the Town). <br />2. Parking for the residential condominium units at a ratio of 2 spaces <br />for each one bedroom unit and three spaces for each two and three <br />bedroom unit. <br />3. Eight parking spaces designated for off -site commercial building <br />(Part A) parking. <br />4. A common recreation area consisting of swimming pool and sauna. <br />5. A plaza for the joint use of the commercial building and the condominium <br />units. <br />6. A portion of the Los Gatos Creek Trail. <br />7. An emergency access road from Part B to New York Avenue. <br />8. Landscaping, walkways, private street, driveways, and other improvements <br />shown and required on the Official Development Plan. <br />-2- <br />