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ORDINANCE NO. 1415 <br />AN ORDINANCE DESIGNATING A LANDMARK AS <br />HISTORICALLY AND CULTURALLY SIGNIFICANT <br />THE TOWN COUNCIL OF THE TOWN OF LOS GATOS DOES ORDAIN: <br />SECTION 1. <br />The following landmark is hereby designated historically and culturally <br />significant: <br />FID -78 Z Rogers' House -- 16351 Los Gatos - Almaden Road. <br />A detailed description of the designated landmark, the characteristics <br />which justify designation, and a map showing the location and delineation of <br />the historic site, are part of this Ordinance. <br />SECTION 2. <br />The property listed is designated to be historically, architecturally, <br />or aesthetically significant for the reasons listed below. <br />A. Property: Rogers' House, 16351 Los Gatos- Almaden Road <br />B. Historic Designation No.: HD -78 -2 <br />C. Description of Designation: Landmark <br />D. Description of characteristics which justify designation: <br />This well preserved and cared for Victorian ranch house was <br />built in approximately 1880 and purchased in 1888 by Noah <br />GarceZon Rogers. Mr. Rogers was a fruit rancher and this <br />property was part of a ranch of 270 acres, including the <br />corner of Los Gatos Boulevard and Los Gatos- AZmaden Road <br />where the packing house of the Los Gatos Cured Fruit Company <br />was operated by the Rogers. In 1891, Mr. Rogers was a member <br />of the Fruit Dryers and Packers Association in San Jose. <br />The house is Located in its original Lovely setting of grand <br />old trees and gardens. A brick wall and iron fence extend <br />across the front of the property and the well tower is still <br />standing to the right of the house. There is a Large wing <br />extending off the back of the house where the ranch hands <br />ate their meals. Two additions were made to the original <br />house years ago, tastefully and cohesively. The house is <br />structurally sound and many of the original features inside <br />the house have been retained through the years such as the <br />doors, fireplaces, stairway with banister and newel posts, <br />glass doors on the kitchen cabinets and wallpapers. <br />