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ORDINANCE NO. 1403 <br />URGENCY ORDINANCE OF THE TOWN OF LOS GATOS <br />REGULATING THE PRESENCE OF PERSONS IN ROADWAYS <br />THE TOWN COUNCIL OF THE TOWN OF LOS GATOS DOES ORDAIN: <br />Section 1. <br />Section 16-83 of the Los Gatos Town Code is amended to <br />read: <br />No person shall stand in a roadway, or allow <br />any part of his body to extend into a roadway, <br />in a way that interferes with the lawful <br />movement of traffic or creates an unsafe <br />traffic condition. Persons lawfully crossing <br />the roadway or lawfully doing work in the <br />roadway are exempt from the provisions of <br />this section. <br />Section 2. <br />This ordinance is an urgency ordinance of the Town of <br />Los Gatos, and becomes effective immediately on its adoption. <br />The facts justifying its adoption as an urgency ordinance are <br />that the streets in the central part of Los Gatos are narrower <br />than modern specifications would require, and are subjected <br />to unusually heavy pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Recently <br />it has become the practice of many persons not only to walk <br />and stand in the roadway but to sit in or upon automobiles <br />parked in the roadway with parts of their bodies extending <br />into the traffic lanes. This practice endangers such persons <br />and interferes with traffic, creating a safety hazard not <br />only to the persons themselves and to motorists, but also <br />aggravating traffic jam situations which have necessitated <br />street closures and have made street access for emergency <br />vehicles impossible. <br />Section 3. <br />The Town Clerk of the Town of Los Gatos shall cause this <br />ordinance to be published once within 15 days after its <br />