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i <br />• a•s ••s• sa••u•eess u• s•• <br />I <br />• <br />1 <br />I \ <br />ZONE CHANGE FOR THE <br />BLAIR PROPERTY OPEN SPACE PRESERVE <br />O O ' LSO � <br />�� A T Q S <br />Application No® Z-86 -12 <br />Cha n ge of zoning map <br />amending the Town Zoning <br />Ordinance., I V0 � TA <br />0 Zone Change from HR-20 <br />to RC <br />C7 Prezoning <br />to <br />APPROVED by Planning Commission <br />date JP,uuARY 14, 19 27 <br />Approved by Town ncil d to May 4, <br />1 987 Or 1 219 — <br />Town Clerk (DEPUTY O r <br />- <br />i <br />