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materials in the community, both to employees working with hazardous <br />materials and for citizens of the Town in proximity to the storage of <br />hazardous materials, is of great urgency involving a current and immediate <br />threat to the public health, safety, and welfare of persons working or <br />residing in the Town of Los Gatos. <br />c. The Town is currently studying the process of issuing a <br />zoning approval for the storage of hazardous materials in a more <br />expeditious manner to ensure the immediate protection of the citizens of <br />Los Gatos. The process for adoption of a regular permanent Zoning <br />Ordinance Amendment would take approximately four (4) months. Some of the <br />businesses subject to the Hazardous Materials Storage Ordinances are <br />already in violation of the permitted time limits for compliance. <br />d. It is therefore necessary to extend the urgency interim <br />zoning ordinance establishing a zoning approval for the storage of <br />hazardous materials in a streamlined manner while ensuring appropriate <br />safety protections, observing current zoning regulations, and maintaining <br />aesthetic standards pending completion of the study. <br />SECTION 3. <br />The Development Review Committee is empowered to issue a zoning <br />approval for the storage of hazardous materials subject to the following: <br />1. The storage facility shall be required in order to comply with a fire <br />department Hazardous Materials Storage Permit. <br />2. The maximum area for the facility shall not exceed 500 square feet. <br />3. If the facility is a structure, the building materials and color shall <br />be in harmony with the existing buildings on the site. <br />4. If the facility is not a structure it shall be screened so as not to <br />be visible from off the site. Screening may be fencing, landscaping <br />or a combination, subject to the discretion of the Development Review <br />Committee (DRC). <br />5. Outdoor storage shall only be allowed in the CH, LM or CM zones. <br />G. The facility shall not be located in a required front yard, nor in a <br />side or rear yard if that yard is adjacent to a street, a residential <br />use or zone, a park or a creek. <br />%. The facility shall not occupy any required parking spaces. <br />8. The facility shall be removed when it is no longer needed, or if the <br />Hazardous Material Storage Permit is suspended, revoked or has <br />expired. <br />_2_ <br />