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ORDINANCE NO. 1757 <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE TOWN OF LOS GATOS <br />AMENDING THE TOWN SUBDIVISION ORDINANCE <br />REGARDING PROCEDURES FOR NOTICES <br />OF VIOLATION AND CERTIFICATES OF COMPLIANCE <br />THE TOWN COUNCIL OF THE TOWN OF LOS GATOS ORDAINS: <br />SECTION I. <br />Section 27 -6.5 of the Town Code is amended to read: <br />Section 27 -6.5 Violations, merger and compliance. <br />(a) The question of whether real property has been divided in violation of <br />the provisions of the Subdivision Map Act or of Town Ordinance, or has merged <br />by operation of law under the provisions of the Subdivision Map Act and Town <br />Ordinance is considered by the Town Attorney after consultation with the Town <br />Engineer and Planning Director. <br />(b) Notices of intention to record a Notice of Violation (Government Code <br />Section 66499.36) are prepared and filed for record by the Town Attorney af- <br />ter consultation with the Town Engineer and Planning Director, and are signed <br />by the Planning Director. <br />(c) The advisory agency determines whether land fails to comply with the <br />provisions of the Subdivision Map Act or Town Ordinance in the same way it <br />determines applications for tentative map approval. <br />(d) Certificates of Compliance: <br />Certificates of Compliance may be used for the following purposes: <br />(1) To recognize an existing parcel as a separate unit from other units <br />of land. <br />(2) To terminate a notice of violation. <br />(3) To evidence the unmerger of a parcel shown as a unit or contiguous <br />units on the latest equalized county assessment roll in accordance with Sections <br />66451.30 and 66451.31 of the Subdivision Map Act. <br />(e) The advisory agency may condition issuance of the Certificate of Compli- <br />ance in the manner provided by the Subdivision Map Act and Town Zoning Ordi- <br />nance. The advisory agency may deny issuance of a Certificate of Compliance on- <br />ly in those instances where it finds that compliance by the landowner with the <br />