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ORDINANCE NO. 17F4 <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE TOWN OF LOS GATOS TO AMEND <br />THE TOWN ZONING ORDINANCE TO PERMIT RESIDENTIAL <br />CARE FACILITY - -GROUP HOMES TO BE ADDED TO THE LIST OF <br />NONCONFORMING USES THAT ARE ALLOWED TO <br />CONTINUE INTERMINABLY <br />SECTION I. <br />Section 3.50.050 of the Los Gatos Zoning Ordinance is amended to read: <br />SEC. 3.50.050: DURATION OF NONCONFORMING USE STATUS <br />This Section 3.50.050 <br />regulates the <br />duration of nonconforming <br />uses. <br />(Nonconforming buildings <br />are regulated <br />by Section 3.50.60.) <br />A <br />nonconforming use must cease at the end of the applicable period. The du- <br />ration of all nonconforming uses is: <br />(1) The following uses are allowed to continue interminably: <br />(a) Nonconforming residential uses (except nonconforming secondary <br />dwelling units pursuant to Section 3.98 of this Ordinance). <br />(b) Schools. <br />(c) Church uses. <br />(d) Nonresidential uses in the downtown which would otherwise be <br />nonconforming due to zone changes and ordinance amendment which <br />occurred after July 1, 1982. <br />(e) Residential care facilities for the elderly that existed as of Jan- <br />uary 1, 1988 and are nonconforming only as to parking. <br />