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E. The Town of Los Gatos is located against the Santa Cruz Mountains where Los <br />Gatos Creek flows from the Lexington Reservoir. It is surrounded by large areas of open <br />space maintained in natural condition. Strong winds come down the creek valley from the <br />Pacific Ocean. The Town is also located at the intersection of a variety of fault lines, which <br />are only now being preliminarily understood. The Town experienced a significant earthquake <br />in 1989, which caused extensive damage throughout the Town. A fire anywhere in Town <br />could quickly spread because of the natural vegetation. In addition, the Downtown is a <br />nationally recognized area of historic buildings and homes that would be irretrievably lost to <br />fire in such a disaster. It is only through strong building standards and effective fire <br />prevention and containment programs that citizens will receive the protection they deserve, <br />and that citizens will be able to obtain reasonably priced insurance for their homes and <br />businesses. In seeking to attain these goals, the building standards in Chapter 6 and this <br />Chapter 9 are adopted, in particular Sections 9.30.060 through 9.30.070, 9.30.310, and <br />9.30.315. <br />F. Article III of Chapter 13 continues what was formerly Chapter 88 in the prior <br />adoption of the Uniform Fire Code contained in former section 9.30.190, and is adopted <br />pursuant to the authority of the Town to govern the storage, handling, and use of hazardous <br />materials pursuant to Health & Safety Code § 13143.9 to provide reasonable assurance that <br />such materials do not pose a serious danger to the community if their storage, handling, and <br />usage meets the requirements of the Town Code. In case of conflict between the provisions <br />of Article III of Chapter 13 and the provisions of Chapter 9, the more restrictive shall govern. <br />SECTION H <br />Chapter 9 of the Town Code is amended to read as follows: <br />June 11, 1996 2 <br />