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SECTION III <br />Town Code Section 29.10.155(d)(5) is amended to read as follows: <br />(5) Aisle widths and stall sizes are described in the following table: <br />Angle of stall (Degrees) <br />Depth of stall, perpendicular <br />to aisle ( Feet) <br />Minimum width of one -way <br />aisles (Feet) <br />Parallel Parking <br />8.5 <br />12.0 <br />30 <br />16.4 <br />12.0 <br />45 <br />18.7 <br />13.0 <br />60 <br />19.8 <br />15.0 <br />90 <br />18.0 <br />25.0 <br />SECTION IV <br />Town Code Section 29.60.320 is amended to read as follows: <br />Sec. 29.60.320. Permitted uses. <br />(a) Activities permitted in the C -2 or Central District Commercial Zone are those <br />involving the conduct of commerce and general business and the sale of <br />commodities necessary for the needs of residents and visitors of the Town, such <br />as: <br />(1) Retailing. <br />(2) Personal service businesses. <br />(3) Service businesses necessary for the conduct of households or businesses. <br />(4) Office activities subject to subsection (c) below. <br />(5) Limited manufacturing activities when a majority of sales are made, on <br />site, to the ultimate consumer. <br />(6) Wholesaling without warehousing on the premises. <br />G <br />